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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Make Today Magical: BDJ 2019 Launch Weekend

“We believe that the magic starts from within. Our 2019 theme ‘Make Today Magical' reinforces the concept of a paradigm shift-- the magic in changing the way you think, how you perceive things, and how it can powerfully change the way you live.” ~Darlyn Sandra Ty, Founder, and President of Viviamo! Inc.

After thirteen years, Viviamo! Inc., makers of Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner, makes this year magical. Once again bring you another amazing planner experience. It was a Magical day during the launching of BDJ's 2019 product lineup, including the highly-anticipated Belle de Jour Power Planner. Going by the theme ‘Make Today Magical’, BDJ takes Bella to a whimsical journey at the launch weekend—a two day jampacked celebration filled with various activities, workshops, and talks that will help Bellas transform their lives for the year ahead. 

BDJ organized a full experience that helps uncover your own magic and live life to the fullest. With an inspirational boost and strive to achieve your goals with Passion/Purpose talks from various women, travel and entrepreneurial organizations.

Day 1 Passion Purpose Talks

Ayen dela Torre
Purposeful Travel - Where to Next
"In everything you do, it's possible to be an artist. Making art doesn't always mean working with a canvas or a camera, it can mean making the most out of the time you are given. Putting in emotional labor. Practicing creativity. And making it personal. and this is what I intend to, with the words I write, the products I build, and the communities I get to help grow. I hope to hear more stories of people finding joy and purpose in their days." ~Ayen dela Torre, Where to Next
Ayen dela Torre is a creative entrepreneur and writer. She co-founded an online community of travelers called Where To Next, which creates products and organize events that inspire people to travel with passion and purpose. She is also part of the founding team of TULA Philippines, a chain of after-school centers that help kids build 21st-century skills.

Tish Martinez-Castillo
Beauty for a Cause - The Foundation Foundation Philippines
Tish Martinez-Castillo is a Corporate Communications and PR Manager at Human Heart Nature and is also the Lead Convenor of The Foundation Foundation - the Philippines where they empower women through self-love.

Meryl Hilda
Making a Difference - Millennials Ph
"But like every day, it's another day of purpose, and making dreams come true." ~Meryl Hilda, Millennials Ph
Meryl Hilda is the CEO, President, and Founder of her software company called of Magis Services based in Australia. Chief of Staff of I am M.A.D. (Making A Difference) - a SEC-registered NGO for 9 years that advocates values, leadership training and dream building for children in poor far-flung communities all over the Philippines.

Nina Terol
Dream Dare Do - Kick Fire Kitchen
"My #DreamDareDo journey has taken years of EVERYDAY decisions that bring my different dreams closer to reality. Whether the dreams are about my relationships, health and fitness, career and money, and passion projects, they are all the results of daily decisions, habits, and actions I take and make." ~Nina Terol, Kick Fire Kitchen
Niña Terol is the creator of the #DreamDareDo workshops and the Co-Founder & Chief Fireball Kick Fire Kitchen. A prolific public speaker and author, and is a lifelong DreamDareDoer. She is as a communicator, connector, idea curator, and change maker whose 18-year career has spanned the corporate, government, creative enterprise, non-profit, academic and media sectors.

Martha Sta. Barbara
Love What you Do - The Beauty Junkee
"Not all of us are privileged to do what we love. But is it the only way to happiness? How about loving what you do? It’s a concept that’s always frowned upon because who doesn’t want things going their way? But a lot of us are in situations where we are trying to love what we do...and that doesn’t have to be miserable. Ask yourself “What are the things that matter to me?” I would like to believe that it would be the achievement of your personal goals: success, happiness, fulfillment, contentment, growth, and prosperity. Focus on the things that matter to see the light in your situation, even if you are in a place where you have to love what you do." ~Martha Sta. Barbara, The Beauty Junkee
The owner and blogger of The Beauty Junkee. Martha Sta. Barbara has a penchant for anything and everything that inspires beauty. She embodies art through performing and celebrates her femininity through make- up. Her goal is to empower women one make-up at a time and to inspire everyone to become the best version of themselves through make-up.

Guada Tagalog
Stop Trying to Fit In - Inklings by Guada
"I found my purpose because I never gave up searching for my own kind of magic in this world. Instead of asking 'why me?' -- I asked, "why not?". It's really all about claiming your power to create your reality." ~Guada Tagalog, Inklings by Guada

Day 2 Passion Purpose Talks

Marika Callangan
Empower Yourself Through Art - Woman Create
Marika Callangan is the founder of Woman, Create a movement that aims to empower women through art, design and fun discourse. They tackle issues of body image and sexuality that young women don’t always talk about.

Kassy Pajarillo
Embrace Ambition - After Six Club
"We women ang galing kaya natin..... " ~Kassy Pajarillo, After Six Club
Kassy Pajarillo is an International Independent Linkedin Trainer, Speaker and the Chief Encourager of The After Six Club. She brought in LinkedIn Local Manila, a movement of meetups and launched the Connected Women Alabang/BGC chapters.

Viviene Bigornia
Depressed to Determined - The Fulfilled Women
Viviene Bigornia is a motivational speaker, a certified Life Purpose Coach and the founder of The Fulfilled Women. She has authored a couple of books including a self-help book entitled, From Depressed to Determined: A 6 Step Guide to Thrive and have Personal Success.

Sheila Tan
Road to Self Leadership - Procter & Gamble
"When you follow your dreams, it's not gonna be easy but it will be worth it and fulfilling." ~Sheila Tan, Procter & Gamble
Sheila Tan is a certified Meta-Coach and a Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach. She conducts corporate and public training on Coaching, Self-Leadership, Unleashing Leadership, and Selling Workshops.

Jillian Gatcheco
Fun, Fearless, Forward - Cosmo Ph
"Like courtship and dating, you always put your best foot forward to everything." ~Jillian Gatcheco, Cosmo Ph
Jillian Gatcheco is the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Philippines, an outstanding alumna of New York University (NYU) M.S. in Publishing: Digital and Print Media in 2012, and recipient of the Award for Excellence in Magazine Publishing.

Bunny Cadang
Be a Miss Universe - The Scenius Pro
"The strongest form of relaying messages and advocacies is thru art." ~Bunny Cadag, The Scenius Pro
Bunny Cadag works predominantly in the field of theater and performance art. They were Actors Company Scholar of the Cultural Center of the Philippines' Resident Theater Company, Tanghalang Pilipino and were recognized as Best Featured Actor (Play) in the 2016 Broadway World Philippines Awards. In April 2017, they also participated in a multidisciplinary transcultural exchange on body-related performance making in Antwerp, Belgium (MONSOON) with 3 European Artists and 2 Asian Artists. Despite all the obstacles and discrimination, Cadag never stopped pursuing their dream of becoming an actor and is now working for GMA 7

Abby Orbeta
The Power of Your Voice - Word Anonymous
"I'm matter. I matter. Let me exist." ~Abby Orbeta, Word Anonymous
Abby Orbeta is an artist of Words Anonymous, Head of Programs for Metro Manila Pride March and Festival in 2018, Current Co-Director of Programs for Metro Manila Pride's HUBAD, and a copywriter for an ad agency. She is a passionate advocate for LGBTQIA+ Rights, Gender Equality, Body Positivity, and Mental Health.

The Passion Purpose Talks from the different speakers helped me realize that I shouldn't deprive myself of BEING ME. I always have this mind that If I could also be this person and that person I could be like them, but I was wrong all along because it doesn't make me who I really am. I wanted to be inspiring and motivating others to be who and what they wanna be but I should start with myself. And during my teenage years, I had been depressed the only thing that gives me strength other than my family and closest friends are putting in a paper all the thoughts I have in mind it relieves the loneliness, the unknown pain within me, writing has become my self-recovery. Sometimes the key really is accepting the good, bad, and even your flaws and imperfection and look for the brighter side of it to convert the ungood into something good. Be the master of your own self. One day I will also be on the stage telling and giving others inspirational talks.....


Unlock your creativity with fun skills workshops— Play, explore, and try out calligraphy methods including Basic Brush Calligraphy, Calligraphy Blends and Shadows, and Calligraphy with Backgrounds and Wreaths Calligraphy with Leah Ang of Calligraphy Love MNL.

*Photo credits Cie Cisneros

Other than the inspirational and motivational passion purpose talks, there's unlock your creativity with fun skills workshops, master the skill of creating double-tap worthy Instagram photos with content creator Kenneth Amparo. 

Instagram Content Creator with Mr. Kenneth Amparo

Visualize and design your best year yet with Serious Play workshops—Life Builds session with Lego instructor and life coach Ina Bacud.

Vision board-making with expert and coach Trixie Esguerra.
“BDJ is giving you this me time to think about what you want. Don’t think of the “how” for now. Desire. Believe.Accept.” ~Trixie Esguerra

Make Today Magical also gives you access to team sharing and mentoring sessions on life and business with successful women entrepreneur and the brainchild of BDJ Power Planner Darlyn Sandra Ty, mental health advocate Dr. Gia Sison, MD., and the woman behind the famous Witty Will Save the World Co. journals and notebooks Chinggay Nuque. An exclusive one-on-one coaching session with a Gallup-certified strengths coach is also included in the launch weekend perks.  Apart from these, event-goers also get to take home a wide array of BDJ products, a Make Today Magical kit with over Php5,000 worth of items, DIY beauty workshops, and goodies from several craft and brand partners. 
"Passion, purpose, productivity are things you look for inside you. You'd be surprised by how much you have." ~Darlyn Ty, BDJ Team President
"I'm all for bringing light to topics we're all a bit ashamed to talk in normal settings - failures, dysfunctions." ~Dr. Gia Sison, MD., co-founder of #HealthXPH, a regular at the Boys' Night Out radio talk show of Magic 89.9, breast cancer survivor, and a mental health advocate
"You can't sell anything if you're just like everybody else. As Tita Witty would say: Isang kembot lang 'yan!" ~Chinggay Nuque aka “Tita Witty”, Witty Will Save the World, Co.

DIY Workshops

Transforming yourself with your own hands with Revlon.

Stamps design canvas bag.

Tarot Card Reading

Magical Glitter Tattoo

Free scoop of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream

Customized Gratitude Jar

Capture Memories with Glambooth

For the coming year, believe that the magic lies within you and that you have the power to turn your goals into reality with Belle de Jour Power Planner. 

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