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Amy's Crypt Investigated 12 Philippines Most Haunted Places

Amy's Crypt

Amy is a world traveller and explorer of creepy locations. She has visited some of the most famously haunted places around the world in search of evidence of the paranormal.

Amy's desire for entering forbidden locations haunted by the unexplained. Journey to places that strike fear into some and interest in others. She travels to some of the world’s most haunted hot spots in search of ghosts and an understanding of dark pasts.

As a child, her interests were naturally peaked by anything most other children were afraid of. She spends too much time in front of the television watching horror movies about monsters that kept her peers awake at night. This lust for anything strange and spooky grew with her and a new found interest in travel. Since relocating from Australia to San Francisco She has blended these passions, traveling to and documenting her adventures to many haunted locations.

Amy shares the scariest places and location known here in the Philippines, from places with dark, haunted, mysterious histories. Let's explore and watch her videos, just a reminder to have someone beside you because for sure nakakatakot eto pramis.

1. Manila Film Center

GHOSTS of the Manila Film Center DISASTER

The Manila Film Center is said to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. It was the scene of a tragic accident that caused the deaths of many people, who are still believed to be entombed within the building. Amy attempted to reach out to the many ghosts said to haunt the building and got a very unexpected response that is truly compelling.

Manila Film Center

Amy'sCrypt in Manila Film Center

2. Fort Santiago Manila

Torture DungeonScary Spirit Responses

One of the most historic parts of Manila lies a darkly disturbing omen to the past. Fort Santiago is one of the most haunted places in Manila. Amy conducted a paranormal investigation by the fort's infamous dungeon, where many were tortured and lost their lives.

Fort Santiago Manila

Amy'sCrypt at Fort Santiago Manila

3. Clark Airbase Hospital

Scary Morgue in Abandoned Hospital 

Amy'sCrypt at Clark Airbase Hospital

Amy explored an abandoned hospital known as the Clark Airbase Hospital. She picks up a creepy ghost voice in the abandoned morgue and sticks around until night to conduct a paranormal investigation in one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. 

Amy venture into the basement, morgue, and many more of the supposedly haunted areas at nighttime. Here, I conduct various paranormal investigations and attempt to communicate with the ghosts of the Philippine's Clark Airbase Hospital. 

Basement and Morgue of Abandoned Hospital

A dark concrete shell of a place many suffered and died, remains in the Philippines as an omen to darker sides of history. The Old Clark Airbase Hospital continues to sit in a quickly developing modern-day Filipino city. Parts of the building are barely standing and it is just as dangerous to enter as the locals say it is haunted.

Clark Airbase Hospital

Numerous ghost stories exist about the Old Clark Airbase Hospital. It is commonly believed that since the hospital treated so many, particularly during times of war, it saw vast amounts of death. It is those who died here under sudden and traumatic circumstances thought to remain within the decaying hospital’s walls.

Mile-long Barracks, Corregidor Island

Haunted Mile-long Barracks

Corregidor Island is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines, for its strong connections to the war. In this video, Amy explored some of the ruins and abandoned buildings on the island, including the Mile-long Barracks, thought to be one of the most haunted areas on the island.

Mile-long Barracks, Corregidor Island

Amy'sCrypt at Mile-long Barracks, Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island is considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. War and battles fought on the island between the US and Japanese militaries have created the foundations for these alleged hauntings. Since Corregidor Island was an important and strategic base to hold, it was fought over quite a bit. To hold Corregidor Island, was actually to hold Manila. For this reason, both the US and Japanese led attacks on the island and took turns in holding the power of the stronghold. This, in turn, led to many battles, air raids, and massive loss of life, including thousands of soldiers’ deaths on the island.

Screams in the night | Haunted Mile-long Barracks Paranormal Investigation

Haunted Mile-long Barracks, Corregidor Island

Amy'sCrypt in Haunted Mile-long Barracks, Corregidor Island

Amy returned to the haunted Mile-long Barracks of Corregidor Island at night. This is said to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines and they experienced some strange things such as capturing screams in the night.

5. Military Hospital, Corregidor Island

Abandoned Haunted Military Hospital

Military Hospital, Corregidor Island

Many battles were fought on the island and air raids saw countless bombs dropped across Corregidor. Huge amounts of death were experienced and the many structures scattered across the island’s lands were destroyed or sustained tremendous amounts of damage. One of these buildings, which today is left in tatters, is the island’s old hospital.

Amy'sCrypt at Military Hospital, Corregidor Island

Cries and screams of pain, assumed to be from past soldiers, are said to echo through the empty, crumbling walls of the hospital. In addition to these sounds of pain and anguish, many have even claimed to hear disembodied footsteps and the normal hustle and bustle of a functional hospital continuing to operate.
Haunted Hospital of Nightmares

Haunted Hospital of Nightmares, Abandoned Corregidor Hospital

Haunted Hospital of Nightmares, Abandoned Corregidor Hospital

Battery Way exists upon Corregidor Island, which is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. It has strong connections to WWII and we encountered something truly terrifying there during our paranormal investigation. 

6. Battery Way, Corregidor Island

Battery Way, Corregidor Island

Bloodstone Beach exists upon Corregidor Island, a place of great historical significance for its use in WWII. The many deaths to occur upon the island have given life to legends like that of Bloodstone Beach. In this video, we examine urban legend and conduct a spirit box. 

7. Blood Stone Beach, Corregidor Island

Blood Stone Beach Legends | Ghost of WWII | Corregidor Island

Blood Stone Beach Legends | Ghost of WWII | Corregidor Island

Blood Stone Beach | Ghost of WWII | Corregidor Island

8. Malinta Tunnel, Corregidor Island

WWII Underground Hospital, Malinta Tunnel

Malinta Tunnel is thought to be one of the most haunted tunnels in the world. It is one of many supposed haunted locations on Corregidor Island, lying west off the coast of Manila in the Philippines. It has operated as a military base, bomb shelter, and 1000-bed military hospital during WWII has seen many death and is said to be haunted by a few lingering ghosts. 

Malinta Tunnel, Corrigedor Island

Malinta Tunnel, Corrigedor Island

Malinta Tunnel, Corrigedor Island

While there are no specific ghosts known to haunt the tunnel, many people believe that energy left there from soldiers and hospital patients still remains. This includes spirits of Japanese, Filipino, and US descent.

Amy'sCrypt at Malinta Tunnel, Corrigedor Island

9. Japanese Tunnel, Baguio City

Haunted Tunnel underneath Baguio

The Japanese rallied hundreds of prisoners to create an underground tunnel system. They used this system strategically against US soldiers and citizens within Baguio, as well as to store weaponry and ammunition. The tunnel system was vast and of great advantage to the Japanese until it was discovered by their American opposition.

Japanese Tunnel, Baguio City

Japanese Tunnel, Baguio City

Today, only a small section of the tunnels can be accessed. Though this is a small section, it is said to be extremely haunted. Plagued by the ghosts of the once trapped Japanese soldiers who died within it. Some visitors have captured sight of apparitions, while others claim to have been touched, heard voices when no one is around, or even experienced a sudden onset of dread.

Amy'sCrypt at the Japanese Tunnel, Baguio City

10. Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City

Old Diplomat Hotel Paranormal Investigation | Haunted Baguio

The Old Diplomat Hotel is one of Baguio in the Philippines ' most notorious buildings. It holds a bloody past filled with murder and massacres. Many people died within the haunted building and it is claimed to now hold many ghosts. Amy toured the haunted Old Diplomat Hotel, speak of its ghost stories, and conduct a paranormal investigation at night!

Diplomat Hotel

Many people have claimed to witness and experience the paranormal within the Old Diplomat Hotel. These claims seem to be backed up and gain validity when considering the aggressively dark history of the building.

Diplomat Hotel

Amy'sCrypt at Diplomat Hotel

There are believed to be many spirits that reside within this notoriously haunted building in Baguio. These include nuns and priests (especially those who are missing either a head or a face), there are also said to be Japanese soldiers, children/babies, victims of the fake healer, and many more spirits who had the misfortune of passing through the building at the wrong time.

The Old Diplomat Hotel at Night

11. Laperal White House, Baguio City

The Laperal White House is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. It is a notorious site of misfortune and death within Baguio and is said to hold many ghosts, not all of which are friendly.

Laperal White House

12. Teacher's Camp, Baguio City

Haunted Teacher's Camp

The Teacher's Camp is said to be one of the most haunted places in Baguio and the Philippines. Numerous ghosts are said to haunt this location and some of them are terrifying. Amy explored the haunted Teacher's Camp and begin an overnight paranormal investigation.

Teacher's Camp

Many people consider Baguio’s Teacher’s Camp to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. This is an interesting claim as the purpose of this location seems greatly disconnected from anything remotely spooky. Teacher’s Camp is today a place where religious retreats, sporting events and gatherings for educational lectures assemble. The camp provides affordable accommodation for those who attend these events and has done so since 1908 when the camp was opened as a training site for teachers from the USA.

Teacher's Camp

There are a number of spirits said to haunt the Teacher’s Camp, with some of them being especially terrifying. One of the most commonly sighted spirits is a lady in white. She has been seen walking all throughout the Teacher’s Camp, yet no one really knows who she is or why she haunts the area. Another spirit that has been seen all throughout the camp is that of a headless priest. He is just as mysterious as the white lady, yet a little more disturbing considering he is seen without a head.

Amy'sCrypt in Teacher's Camp

One of the most feared spirits of the Teacher’s Camp is known as the Love Sick Igorot. This ghost supposedly follows any young female he takes a liking to within the Teacher’s Camp. Women have reported that this spirit has followed them back to the cabins they are staying in at the camp and will creepily watch them sleep. It is believed that the reason why this spirit follows these women is that he is lonely, hence his nickname the Love Sick Igorot.

Overnight in Haunted Cabin at Teacher's Camp

In addition to the encounters with these spirits, many more reports of paranormal experiences exist. People commonly report to hear a woman crying late at night, other disembodied voices, they’ve also experienced possession, poltergeist activity, and even sleepwalking.

I hope you enjoyed all Amy'sCrypt Videos and I hope she gets to explore other haunted places here in the Philippines.

*Photo credits to Amy'stCrypt Blog

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