Wednesday, February 15, 2023

A Gift from Authentic Japanese Ramen from Ramen Nagi

Following the successful launch of the Unbelievable Niboshi Ramen in January, Ramen Nagi is offering us yet another incredible authentic Japanese bowl experience.

The Nori Niboshi King was presented as a sincere present by Ramen Nagi's Ramen Master Chef Satoshi Ikuta-san. It is the result of extensive collaboration with the chefs at Ramen Nagi. The Nagi spice blend, chashu, peanuts, seaweeds, and fresh, handcrafted noodles and small dried fish infused with Tonkotsu broth make up the Niboshi King.

For just Php 590, you can now sample a true Japanese culinary masterpiece.

However, like all good things, the Nori Niboshi King is only available for a limited time!

During the month of February, all Ramen Nagi locations across the country will serve authentic Japanese Niboshi in a mouthwatering bowl. You can also have it delivered to your door through Grab or Foodpanda.

For more details, check out Ramen Nagi PH on Facebook or Instagram.

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