Friday, February 17, 2023

Emirates opens a humanitarian airbridge to get emergency aid to Turkey-Syria earthquake victims

"We stand with the Turkish and Syrian people and are working with experts like the International Humanitarian City to help provide urgent relief to those affected and displaced by the earthquakes, as well as support the complex recovery efforts on the ground. Emirates has extensive experience in supporting humanitarian relief efforts, and through its three daily flights to Istanbul will offer regular and consistent widebody capacity for relief items and medical supplies. Emirates also supports the UAE’s ongoing humanitarian efforts to support Turkey and Syria, and Dubai’s unique position as the world’s largest international aid logistics hub means that we can efficiently reach disaster stricken areas and the most vulnerable people as quickly as possible." ~HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Emirates’ Chairman and Chief Executive
Emirates launches humanitarian airbridge to transport emergency aid to victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake

  • In coordination with International Humanitarian City (IHC), flights are planned to carry around 100 tonnes of urgent relief items like blankets, tents, medical supplies and other humanitarian goods
  • Emergency aid on flights from Dubai to Istanbul will make their way to earthquake stricken sites in southern Turkey and hard-hit cities in Syria

Emirates is establishing an airbridge with the International Humanitarian City (IHC) in response to the devastating earthquakes that occurred in Turkey and Syria. This will allow Emirates to support on-the-ground aid efforts and search-and-rescue efforts in both countries by transporting urgent supplies, medical supplies, and equipment. The World Health Organization (WHO) and World Food Programme (WFP) relief cargo of medical kits and shelter items, coordinated by the IHC in Dubai, will follow today's EK 121 and EK 117 shipments of high thermal blankets and family tents from UNHCR.
More blankets, tents, shelter kits, flash lights, water distribution ramps, trauma and emergency health kits, and flash lights will be transported on Emirates in the coming days.
Over the next two weeks, Emirates SkyCargo intends to dedicate cargo space on its daily flights to Istanbul for approximately 100 tons of humanitarian aid. Local organizations will then deliver the critical supplies for an emergency carried by Emirates to affected areas in northern Syria and southern Turkey, assisting on-the-ground responders and providing much-needed assistance to the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the earthquakes.

Emirates launches humanitarian airbridge to transport emergency aid to victims of the Turkey-Syria earthquake

“The IHC remains committed to providing the people affected by the earthquakes with the humanitarian support and resources they need. We are taking urgent action by facilitating airlifts of vital medical supplies, shelter items and other relief goods from the UNHCR, World Health Organization (WHO) and World Food Programme (WFP) to address the pressing demand for aid in the affected regions.” ~His Excellency Mohammed Ibrahim Al Shaibani, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Supervision of IHC

Emirates' long-standing partnership with the International Humanitarian Committee (IHC) enables the airline to swiftly and effectively lead numerous relief missions, delivering humanitarian aid to communities affected by natural disasters, medical emergencies, global outbreaks, and other crises.
In 2020, following the explosions at the Port of Beirut, the airline helped with relief efforts in Lebanon. Emirates built a humanitarian airbridge in 2021 between Dubai and India to help India contain the COVID-19 outbreak and transport urgent medical supplies and aid. In order to transport essential supplies and equipment directly to five flood-ravaged Pakistani cities last year, the airline offered cargo capacity to organizations working with the IHC. 
Together with the Airbus Foundation, Emirates has also supported humanitarian flights over the years. Since 2013, Emirates A380 ferry flights have brought more than 120 tons of food and essential emergency supplies to those in need.

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