Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Going to South Korea Soon? Let GCash Help You Through Your Trip via Scan to Pay

As countries reopen their borders and people begin to start travelling abroad again, GCash made it easier for us to roam our destinations without the worry of losing cash and keeping our expenses tracked. Allow me to share with you our press release for the STP availability of Gcash in South Korea. 

The Hallyu wave has been widely welcomed in the Philippines. What's not to love about South Korea? Kdrama, KPop, cuisine, and fashion. It's undeniable that Filipinos have ranked the nation highly on their travel wish lists, whether they're planning a trip to their idol group or simply can't wait to immerse themselves in their culture. 

Now that GCash is available, traveling the nation is simpler and hassle-free without having to worry about running out of Korean Won or needing to exchange money quickly and paying exorbitant exchange rates. Make sure to include the following retail partners where you can use GCash to your list if you're organizing a trip to South Korea.

  • Lotte Duty-Free 
Give yourself a day or two to properly explore Lotte Duty Free—you won’t regret it! Boasting the most brands and goods in South Korea, Lotte Duty Free is a haven for tourists seeking the best brands of the country at the most attractive prices. Found in several locations in South Korea, also be on the lookout for exclusive items that you can only find on their shelves, such as collabs with popular idol groups. 

  • Shinsegae Duty Free
Enjoy the first ever duty free store from one of the biggest names in retail in South Korea! Once the Shinsegae Chaebol opened their first department store in 1930, they never looked back. And they were the first department store in the country, too! 

Shinsegae Duty Free is a stone’s throw away from their first and main shopping mall, and you’ll find everything you want, from luxury goods to affordable finds, from electronics to character goods. There’s even an art space inside! 

  • LINE FRIENDS – Flagship Store 
If you're someone who gets excited seeing cute knick-knacks, then you're definitely going to love the super cute characters of LINE FRIENDS. This global character brand can trace their popularity from Japan, where the Line App came from, and also from Naver, the internet search company that’s numero uno in SK—yup, it’s not Google! 

LINE FRIENDS have their mainstay characters called Brown & Friends, but they also carry BT21, the super popular characters of the world-famous idol group and South Korea’s pride, BTS. Find these characters in merch ranging from notepads to bags, and everything in between! 

  • Hai Di Lao 
You can’t go to South Korea without going on a food trip! Don’t miss out on the world-famous street food and convenience store treats in SK, and make sure to visit the hot pot restaurant Hai Di Lao. One of the largest hotpot chains hailing from China, Hai Di Lao is now found in different countries, including South Korea. Expect one of the widest hotpot varieties you’ll ever find in Hai Di Lao—make sure to come on an empty stomach!  

  • Starbucks, Hongdae neighborhood 
The coffee and café culture in South Korea is well-known—you can’t walk a few steps without running into a quaint café to step into SK. If you’re looking for the comforts of a familiar place though, Starbucks in Seoul can rival such quaint cafes. Make sure to check out the exclusive merch that can only be found in South Korea, and to try their seasonal drinks. 

Pay with GCash

Pay your way through these places with GCash which is now available in over 1 million Alipay+ merchants across Asia and in key countries including Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Qatar. GCash is the way to control your budget when you’re outside the Philippines—enjoy real-time forex, zero service fees and get access to exclusive deals all inside the app!  

Simply look for the Alipay+ sign and you can pay with GCash! After logging into the GCash app, select the QR or PayQR button at the bottom of the screen. Scan the merchant’s QR code, or tap “Pay Abroad with Alipay+” to have the merchant scan your generated QR. Then  check the amount, and click Pay to see the receipt. No more traveling with large sums of money—you get to travel light and get deals and discounts from different places, but with the same payment. Go with GCash!

To learn more about paying with GCash in South Korea, tap the  “A+ Rewards” page in the app and select South Korea as your destination. 

About GCash
GCash (G-Xchange, Inc.) is the #1 Finance App in the Philippines. Through the GCash App, 79M registered users can easily purchase prepaid airtime; pay bills at over 1,600 partner billers nationwide; send and receive money anywhere in the Philippines, even to other bank accounts; purchase from over 5.2M partner merchants and social sellers; and get access to savings, credit, loans, insurance and invest money, and so much more, all at the convenience of their smartphones. GCash is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mynt (Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc.), the first and only duacorn in the Philippines.

GCash was recognized by The Asian Banker (TAB) and by the IDC in 2021 for its outstanding digital financial inclusion programs.

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