Monday, August 7, 2023

Globe Business showcases Cybersecurity Solutions in 'CyberHeist 2023’

“Globe Business is here to help customers build a roadmap so they can shift from a reactive to a proactive cybersecurity posture.  We want to help them strengthen their defenses by preemptively identifying security threats and vulnerabilities and implementing appropriate policies and processes to mitigate threats before they occur.” ~KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business

"CyberHeist 2023" is a groundbreaking event organized by Globe Business, with a focus on raising awareness about the crucial role of cybersecurity in the modern digital landscape. The event spans three days and is centered around showcasing how cybersecurity solutions are essential for safeguarding organizational data in today's interconnected world.

Held at The Globe Tower, CyberHeist 2023 features two main experiential components: The Cybersecurity Escape Rooms and Whiskey Business: Code on the Rocks.

KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business

"CyberHeist 2023" offers a unique and comprehensive experience for cybersecurity managers, IT risk practitioners, and C-level executives from various enterprises. The event aims to provide participants with valuable insights into real-life cyber breach scenarios while fostering meaningful discussions on cybersecurity strategies and decision-making. 

Overall, "CyberHeist 2023" strives to provide a comprehensive and impactful learning experience for participants across different roles within enterprises. By combining hands-on simulations, thoughtful discussions, and interactive videos, the event equipped the attendees with practical skills, knowledge, and strategic perspectives to effectively navigate the challenges of cybersecurity in the digital age.

The event showcases Globe Business’ wide array of cybersecurity solutions, covering every critical aspect of cybersecurity, including ZScaler, Palo Alto Networks, Samsung, Fortinet, Checkpoint, CyberArk, Tenable, Dell Technologies, NS Focus, WithSecure, and Yondu.

Mr. Marlon Cruz, Senior Director - Services and Healthcare Sector, Ms. KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business, and Mr. Cocoy Claravall, Head of Partner Ecosystem.

At the event, Globe officials led by Dizon, with Cocoy Claravall, Head of Partner Ecosystem, and Marlon Cruz, Senior Director - Services and Healthcare Sector, spoke about the ever-increasing threat of cybercrime to all businesses, irrespective of size or sector, and the crucial role that Globe Business plays in helping organizations proactively protect their digital assets.

Mr. Cocoy Claravall, Head of Partner Ecosystem

Ms. KD Dizon, Head of Globe Business

Mr. Marlon Cruz, Senior Director - Services and Healthcare Sector

CyberHeist 2023 underscores Globe's transformation from being a Telco to a TechCo, offering a wide range of technology solutions to enterprises. 

The "State of Incident Response" report conducted by Kroll, a financial and risk advisory firm, highlights the Philippines as one of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region that is significantly impacted by cyber incidents, including malware attacks, phishing attacks, and password-related breaches. These incidents often lead to various detrimental outcomes, including data loss, disruptions to business operations, and theft of intellectual property.

Thousands of cables carrying data traverse the length of the Underground Tunnel of Gaea. Ensure that no one is tapping into one of the many underground servers. Scan for possible vulnerabilities in the system to ensure the integrity of the system.

The report underscores the heightened cybersecurity challenges faced by the Philippines and sheds light on the prevalence and severity of cyber threats within the country's digital landscape. The types of cyber incidents mentioned, such as malware, phishing, and password attacks, are common techniques employed by cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information, compromise systems, and cause financial and reputational harm.

The park of Gaea is fully automated to manufacture different weather patterns to  keep the citizens of Gaea happy. if the park fails to maintain itself, the health of the citizens might suffer. it is currently showing multiple signs of damage and needs a repair update. Download the repair patch and save the Park.

The consequences of these cyber incidents, as noted in the report, can be particularly damaging. Data loss can result in the compromise of personal and sensitive information, affecting both individuals and organizations. Business interruption can disrupt operations, leading to financial losses and customer dissatisfaction. Intellectual property theft can erode a company's competitive advantage and innovation capabilities.

The virtual world of Gaea holds many secrets, and one of those secrets is buried inside the Nightclub, the most unlikely place for the city's backup servers. Inside the Nightclub, find a way to retrieve the fresh data from backup servers. the Lazarus group is holding the city's data under ransom, but Gaea does not negotiate with hackers; Gaea defeats hackers.

As a response to the findings of the report, organizations in the Philippines need to prioritize cybersecurity measures to mitigate the risks associated with cyber incidents. This includes implementing robust cybersecurity practices, investing in advanced threat detection and prevention technologies, conducting regular employee training to enhance awareness of cyber threats, and establishing comprehensive incident response plans to swiftly and effectively address potential breaches.

The Motherboard is the core that keeps Gaea running. Access is limited to a few authorized personnel, and this hierarchy of access needs to be maintained. You need to check if the hackers have not penetrated the Motherboard. Access the emergency arsenal inside the Motherboard to eliminate threats.

The report's insights underline the urgency for governments, businesses, and individuals in the Philippines to collaborate in building a resilient cybersecurity ecosystem that can effectively counter the evolving threat landscape and safeguard sensitive information and digital assets.

CyberHeist 2023 is a direct response to these growing threats and highlights Globe Business' commitment to being a trusted partner in securing enterprises from potential breaches and attacks.

Globe Business continues to innovate and expand its portfolio, utilizing its expertise to ensure that organizations can safely navigate the digital landscape. For more information on Globe Business and its cybersecurity solutions, visit

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