Monday, August 28, 2023

SM Foundation introduces rainwater harvesting for sustainable impact

“Mahalagang hindi kami nawawalan ng tubig sa center, lalo na po pag nagsimula kaming magoperate bilang birthing clinic. Ngunit minsan po, walang dumadaloy na tubig at wala kaming mapagkukunan. Kaya napaka laking tulog po ng natural na tubig mula sa rainwater catchment system na. Madali namin itong naaccess upang gamiting panglinis o pandilig dahil konektado ito sa mga gripo. Ang tubig naman mula sa main line ay maitatabi namin para sa aming sterile operations.” ~Narcisa Jagmis, Midwife
(L-R) SMFI Health and Medical Programs Senior Project Manager Albert Uy inspects the water catchment to ensure it reliability. Midwife Narcisa Jagmis observes as the system collects rainwater from the gutters.

It's wonderful to hear about the SM Green Movement's efforts to promote environmental preservation and health through initiatives like the rainwater harvesting system at the Brgy. Irawan Birthing Facility in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. Rainwater harvesting is an effective method to conserve water resources and reduce the strain on local water supplies.

By collecting rainwater from the roof and gutter and using vinyl-coated mesh filters to maintain water quality, the system demonstrates a commitment to responsible water management. The 800-liter storage capacity is a significant step in ensuring that non-potable water needs within the facility, such as plant watering, cleaning, and toilet flushing, can be met sustainably.

Initiatives like this not only have a positive impact on immediate water conservation but also contribute to raising awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship. It sets a great example for other institutions and individuals to consider similar water-saving practices.

It's encouraging to see organizations like the SM Foundation taking concrete steps to align with sustainability goals and make a difference in their communities. Such efforts play a vital role in ensuring the well-being of current and future generations and in preserving our planet for years to come.

The rainwater harvesting facility also operates without electricity and features labeled faucets for intuitive recycled water use.

Midwife Narcisa Jagmis, who leads the said birthing facility, said that the facility will help them reduce their reliance on the city’s water supply systems.

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