Thursday, February 22, 2024

dwta and Arthur Miguel reflect on unrequited feelings in collab single “Tahan na”

“Tahan Na tells us to acknowledge our feelings of longing and heartache but also to remember that our value isn't based on someone else's feelings. In the end, it's a song about staying strong, not giving up, and believing in the transformative power of love. To recreate that cozy vibe, we recorded the acoustic guitar while sitting on the floor, mirroring the casual and intimate setting of my bedroom, where I often find inspiration. We wanted the song to feel like a comforting hug for anyone who listens to it. At first, we weren't sure if we should make it sound like a lullaby or a grand melancholic dance within a castle. But then we thought, why not blend both elements? So, we incorporated strings like the violin, reminiscent of a grand ballroom, while still maintaining the gentle strums of the acoustic guitar and the soft melodies of the keyboard, blending them together to create something special. I realized that his singing style and emotions would add a lot to the song's meaning and make it even more heartfelt. Our collaboration has opened up new opportunities for growth and exploration in our music. Working with Arthur Miguel is really enjoyable for me, and every time we work together, there's always something new to learn, some adventure, and lots of fun moments.” ~dwta or Jhasmine Villanueva 

The heartfelt tune marks the second time that the two artists have worked together for a project—the first one being a reworked version of the streaming hit “Lihim”.

Acclaimed singer-songwriter dwta teams up with chart-topping newcomer Arthur Miguel on “Tahan Na,” out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

Conveying the common sentiment of yearning for love and companionship, "Tahan Na" articulates the challenges of holding unreciprocated emotions for someone unable to return the same depth of affection. As explained by the Bicolano recording artist, this heartfelt song depicts the resilience of maintaining hope for love even in the face of repeated disappointments caused by circumstances.

The stripped-down, alt-country song was written by dwta in 2022. It has gone through multiple iterations since then, with Brian Lotho co-producing the tune with the young singer-songwriter under one condition: capture the immediacy and emotional vulnerability of the moment when the latter first conceived the material in her own bedroom. Nothing more, nothing less.

"Tahan Na" marks the second time that dwta and Arthur Miguel have worked together on a project. The two accomplished solo artists linked up last year on the reworked version of Lihim,” which blends Tagalog and Bicolano with captivating results. 

Villanueva emphasized that working with Arthur Miguel has always been a remarkable experience. Having great connection and chemistry when it comes to writing, collaborating, and performing songs as a duo, dwta is grateful to the budding crossover act for allowing her to experiment with different musical elements and expand her skills as both a songwriter and performer.

dwta and Arthur Miguel’s “Tahan Na” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. 

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