Wednesday, February 7, 2024

OpenSignal Awards 2023, DITO Powers Your Online Gaming

"We're thrilled to have received the OpenSignal Games Experience Award, as this validates our commitment to providing an elevated digital lifestyle to all Filipinos. With this award, our hope is for more customers, especially online gamers, to recognize DITO as their partner in having a seamless online gaming experience, whether for leisure or competitive gaming. Powered by our high-speed next-generation technology, DITO is home to many affordable mobile gaming subscriptions that Filipinos can enjoy and experience. We're continuously increasing our gaming portfolio to significantly extend our all-out support to the online gaming scene and industry here in the Philippines." ~Evelyn Jimenez, DITO Chief Commercial Officer

The Philippines has emerged as a vibrant hub for online gaming, with a rapidly growing community of gamers both for competitive gaming and leisure. Research shows* that the online games market shows promising growth and is projected to reach a revenue of 27.75M USD by 2024. User penetration rate is also predicted to increase by 13.9% in 2024 and 14.2% by 2028, fueling the industry's expansion in the country. 

Mobile phones for gaming also remain a strong preference among Filipinos, mainly due to the availability of low-cost smartphones and mobile internet innovations. 

As mobile technologies continue to prosper, more Filipinos are embracing the world of online gaming. In support of this digital revolution, DITO Telecommunity, the country's fastest-growing telecommunications provider, continues to improve its mobile user's gaming experience by enhancing mobile network conditions and ensuring high-speed connectivity with low latency. 

In the recent OpenSignal Awards 2023, DITO was declared superior in Games Experience, which analyzes how mobile network conditions such as latency, packet loss, and jitter affect users' multiplayer mobile gaming. On this note, DITO scored 63.1 points, dominating the two major telco providers, with Smart scoring 61.7 points and Globe scoring 60.7 points.

DITOzens can level up their mobile gaming experience by subscribing to the following gaming platforms: Mobile Legends, Garena, Gameclub, Go Cash, EA Play, IMVU, Minecraft, Nintendo E-Shop, Steam, Ragnarok M, Unipin, Xbox Live, PUBG Mobile, Growtopia, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Sausage Man, Super Sus, and Lechiben. 

To subscribe, customers can log into the DITO App, click "App Subscription" on the homepage, and choose the preferred subscription. Enter a valid email address to receive the voucher code and await a confirmation message for a successful purchase. 

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