Friday, February 2, 2024

The Newest Branch of Tsurumaru Udon X Tempura in SM City Grand Central

Tsurumaru Udon X tempura Now Open at SM City Grand Central

Experience a seamless fusion of cutting-edge design, sustainably sourced ingredients, and an immersive Japanese dining experiencer at the newest branch of Tsurumaru Udon X Tempura in SM City Grand Central. Catering to both loyal patrons and newcomers to Caloocan's renowned shopping hub, the restaurant introduces an invigorating concept that harmoniously blends the robust flavors of Osaka-style wheat flour udon noodles with an assortment of delightful side dishes.

Hailing from Osaka, Japan, Tsurumaru introduces a self-service Udon dining concept that aligns with the dynamic and contemporary Japanese lifestyle. The restaurant's dedication to excellence is apparent in its use of the finest ingredients for udon noodles and broth, crafted freshly each day. The atmosphere radiates a modern Japanese street vibe, showcasing an open kitchen that allows patrons to observe the meticulous preparation process.

Navigating the dining experience at Tsurumaru Udon X Tempura is a breeze. Guests can grab their food trays and approach the counter, where they can communicate their preferences for udon or donburi (Japanese rice bowls) preparations. The menu extends beyond noodles, offering a tempting selection of side dishes, including freshly cooked tempura and flavorful omusubi (Japanese rice balls).

With its seamless order integration, conscientiously sourced ingredients, and mouthwatering offerings, dining at Tsurumaru Udon X Tempura promises a delightful and uniquely Japanese culinary experience. Visit Tsurumaru Udon X Tempura at the 5th level of SM City Grand Central. 

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