Wednesday, June 1, 2022

BEAR BRAND celebrates Batang Matibay this World Milk Day

“Through our Gabay sa Tibay Program in partnership with the Department of Education, we aim to reach more Filipino families and help them recognize the important signs to become Batang Matibay - one with Tibay ng Katawan, Tibay ng Isipan, and Tibay ng Kalooban.” ~Kristine Goco, Group Brand Manager of BEAR BRAND Fortified
Celebrate World Milk Day with Bear Brand and be a Batang Matibay

Happy World Milk Day!

In celebration of World Milk Day, BEAR BRAND celebrates all Batang Matibay kids with tibay nutrition in every glass for tibay ng isipan, kalooban, at isipan. For over 100 years, BEAR BRAND continues to be every Filipino mom’s trusted partner in raising a Batang Matibay. 

While parents may have diverse views in child-rearing, they all share the same goal of raising their kids to be a Batang Matibay with Tibay ng Katawan, Isipan, and Kalooban to prepare them in their journey towards a better tomorrow. 

This World Milk Day, BEAR BRAND celebrates every Batang Matibay through its Gabay sa Tibay program, a holistic nutrition education program that educates moms on the signs of TIBAY and the importance of providing TIBAY nutrition in every glass of BEAR BRAND Fortified. 

Under the Gabay sa Tibay program, moms can learn more about the TIBAY signs to look out for and work towards, to help build generations of Batang Matibay:

Tibay ng Katawan

Children with Tibay ng Katawan are active and energetic in all their activities. Because of their Tibay ng Katawan, they also show strong body resistance and have an optimum height for their age. 

Tibay ng Isipan

More than just the physical attributes, a Batang Matibay also has a strong mind. Their Tibay ng Isipan can be spotted in their attentiveness in class or conversations and ability to pick up lessons and instructions quickly.

Tibay ng Kalooban

Knowing how to decipher right from wrong, having accountability, and being driven and confident to reach their goals no matter how big or small are all qualities of a child with Tibay ng Kalooban.

With the Tibay Signs in mind, parents need to give their children sufficient sleep and physical activities, love and care, and essential nutrition to help their children grow up to become Batang Matibay. This is made possible through BEAR BRAND’s guidance to parents in the Gabay sa Tibay program. 

Learn more about Bear Brand’s Gabay sa Tibay program and other World Milk Day activities by checking out BEAR BRAND’s official Facebook page. 

Ensure your child grows up a Batang Matibay with BEAR BRAND Fortified! 

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