Sunday, June 12, 2022

Filipinos will soon have access to game-changing banking services with GoTyme Bank, a Gokongwei Group Fintech

“In fact, GoTyme’s vision is to deliver the best banking experience in the Philippines, one that stands up against the best banks in the world. This partnership aims to create a sense of trust that Filipinos can bank on.~Jojo Malolos, President of GoTyme Bank
Set to launch Q3 2022, GoTyme Bank is set to excite the market with world-class banking integrated into the Gokongwei Group ecosystem

GoTyme, a new game-changer in the digital banking industry, from one of the key innovator companies in the Philippines Gokongwei Group and Singapore-based digital banking group Tyme. Get to know more about this new fintech player in the Philippines.

Technology continues to change our lives for the better, in ways we least expect. Anyone can now have a bouquet of flowers delivered to loved ones wherever they are in the world, or even get in touch with a personal shopper to do all the shopping for them. Banking has also been a witness to these breakthroughs. Going cashless and managing our finances through an app were once unthinkable, but we’re closer than ever to a society where those are the norm. Now we ask: how else can we make the use of money exciting?

As one of the key innovators and disruptors in the Philippines, the Gokongwei Group has always created new options to make the life of Filipinos easier and better. Now, Filipinos can have access to high-quality digital banking where one can easily open an account, get better interest rates, earn more rewards for purchases, and experience a more personal customer service. 

Companies under the Gokongwei Group, namely JG Summit Holdings’ business units Robinsons Bank and Robinsons Land Corporation, and Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc.,have invested and collaborated with Singapore-based digital banking group Tyme to create GoTyme Bank, a digital bank that offers industry-leading financial solutions and products that will make Filipinos excited about banking. Tyme, one of the world’s fastest growing digital banks, has created a safe and secure global platform that has successfully rolled out in South Africa, now set to launch in the Philippines, and soon, in more countries.

  • What’s game-changing about GoTyme Bank
Consumers nowadays are changing the meaning of banking convenience. From the traditional branch locations to enabling the digital capabilities of financial institutions via improved apps, world-class banking is now within easy reach of everyone, paving the concept of "take your money everywhere" banking – which is what Tyme literally means – a reality. 

  • Filipinos can now have access to world-class banking.
GoTyme Bank plans to do this by making possible the opening of a new bank account as easy as can be. 

These digital kiosks will be placed in convenient locations in selected Robinsons Malls and Robinsons Supermarkets, allowing customers to bank where they already shop, eat, and relax every day. 
“With the help of our digital kiosk, GoTyme Bank will disrupt the industry with an unprecedented onboarding process that opens a bank account and puts a personalized debit card in the hands of our customers, all in under 5 minutes. We believe this ‘human touch’ is something that will allow GoTyme Bank to stand out against other digital-only competitors.~Nate Clarke, a member of Tyme’s founding team and co-CEO of GoTyme Bank

  • Bigger rewards, better deals.
Wouldn’t it be exciting if your next piso flight, or your next grocery trip gives you a lot more than what you paid for? Imagine the game-changing potential of a GoTyme Bank account - purchases with exciting rewards, priority access to sales, and exclusive promos for account holders, just to name a few. In addition to rewards, GoTyme Bank will differentiate with disruptive savings, credit, and investment products that truly maximize the Filipino financial potential.

  • A high tech - high touch approach.
GoTyme Bank’s hybrid distribution model that highlights customer interaction allows you to choose whether to perform self-service on their GoTyme Bank app or to visit  the nearest kiosk for that human touch. This “phygital” model consists of three key elements: digital kiosks, GoTyme Bank ambassadors, and an established lifestyle and leisure ecosystem. Whether the customer is opening an account, depositing or withdrawing cash, or has forgotten their PIN, the smiling face of a GoTyme Bank ambassador will be there to assist customers along their banking journey.

All of these make GoTyme Bank a banking experience to get excited about as it gears up for launch in Q3 this year.

Visit GoTyme Bank’s official website to get early access to features and updates. 

About GoTyme Bank
GoTyme Bank, is a joint venture of Tyme, a multi-country digital banking group, with members of the Gokongwei Group of companies, namely Robinsons Bank, Robinsons Land Corporation, and   Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc. GoTyme Bank aims to unlock its customers’ financial potential with the convenience and security of digital banking. With a high tech-high touch approach, GoTyme Bank combines the ease of immediate account opening with a personalized debit card released through kiosks located in shopping malls throughout the Philippines, plus the power of self-serve financial solutions accessible through an intuitive “all in one” banking app. These, along with other industry-leading offerings, set GoTyme Bank on-track to revolutionize banking in the Philippines.

About the Gokongwei Group 
The Gokongwei Group is one of the largest and more diversified Filipino conglomerates. It is composed of JG Summit Holdings Inc. which has business interests in food manufacturing (Universal Robina Corporation), air transportation (Cebu Pacific), real estate and property development (Robinsons Land), banking (Robinsons Bank), and petrochemicals (JG Summit Olefins Corp.); and Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc.(RRHI),; and the Summit Media Group.


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