Sunday, January 8, 2023

Sharp Makes the Environment More Secure and Healthier


A healthy lifestyle is essential to having safe air. Sharp provides the best environment for people with its health essentials, which are the perfect partner in the new normal and provide the best protection for all lifestyles, meeting the need for a safer environment. With its programs and activities that care about the people and the community, Sharp also makes life easy and comfortable.

The original Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Technology developed by Sharp truly transforms lives for the better. This technology, which is included in every Sharp Air Purifier, has a number of advantages, including the ability to deactivate airborne viruses and bacteria by up to 99.9% by releasing large quantities of positive and negative ions into the air. It also prevents dry eyes and skin, gets rid of odors, and reduces static electricity.

Sharp is also proud of a recent study that confirmed the effect of Sharp's Plasmacluster technology on long-term cultured human airway stem cells. The study also confirmed the technology's potential to reduce viscous airway mucus secretion, which is a problem for asthma patients. This suggests that this technology may help alleviate symptoms of airway conditions like asthma. As it continues to develop health-enhancing products, the company continuously conducts research and development.

Addressing the Need for Healthier Lifestyle
With the transition to face to face interactions, health essentials are important especially with the existing social challenges including COVID-19 and the increasing number of dengue cases in the country. The rise of dengue cases in PH has put a toll on community’s health as it reached more than 160 thousand cases from January to September 2022, showing 183% higher versus the same period recorded last year, as stated by the Department of Health (Manila Bulletin, 2022).

These existing health risks calls for a cleaner and safer environment. With Sharp’s innovative Plasmacluster Ion Technology equipped on all Sharp air purifiers, it is proven to deactivate harmful viruses and bacteria in the air by up to 99.9%. Also, its world’s first air purifier with mosquito catching feature is here to provide the best solution to your needs as it protects against mosquito carrying diseases and keeps the area clean, free from odors and allergens, and providing the best comfort.

Providing Health Essentials to Educational Institutions
In celebration of Sharp Philippines’ 40th year anniversary and Sharp Corporation’s 110th year celebration, the brand launches its “Healthier Community with Sharp Cares” Program implementing provision of 110 air purifier units on selected 40 schools in Muntinlupa City. Through the initiative of providing a cleaner and healthier environment at schools, Sharp gives out Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier with Mosquito Catching Feature (FP-JM30P-B). This program is also aimed in creating dengue awareness, and virus and bacteria prevention to students, teachers, and parents to further help the community become more aware about maintaining a healthier environment and lifestyle. This includes both public and private schools. The first half was conducted last November 2022 at nine schools and will be continuously implemented until the mid of 2023.

Sharp Kiosk Booth featuring Air Purifier Product Line-up

Aside from schools, Sharp air purifiers are perfect for various uses including usage at home, boutiques, restaurants, offices, hospitals, cars, or even on any enclosed space providing the environment with clean and safe air for the people. Recognizing the importance of health especially in this time of pandemic, Sharp aims to continue its dedication in creating world class engineered products that elevates the quality of life. With this, the brand opened its Sharp Kiosk Booth at the Upper Ground Floor, Expansion Wing of Festival Mall, Alabang in Muntinlupa City featuring all the product line up of Sharp air purifiers.

Best Practical Gift 

Last November 28 to December 4, 2022, Sharp Appliance Festival was held at 2/F Expansion Hall, Festival Mall Alabang, which featured all products of Sharp providing an early holiday shopping experience. The event included multiple activities including Tekken 7 Tournament and Cooking Demo featuring the new Sharp Air Fryer. 
With Christmas being just around the corner, giving the gift of health is one of the best present you can give to your loved ones. More than serving the purpose of present giving, Sharp air purifiers also provides the best protection and a total solution to the health needs of a family or friend.

Re-launching of Sharp Ion Boy
As part of its program, Sharp also re-launched its Sharp Ion Boy Iconic Character, symbolizing ion from the concept of Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) Technology that generates positive and negative ions that deactivates airborne viruses and bacteria. Ion Boy represents Sharp’s commitment to a healthier environment for the people while also educating the kids in a fun and lively manner. Ion Boy was present at the recently held Sharp Appliance Festival and will be seen also on upcoming future events of Sharp.

Sharp air purifiers are available at leading national retailers like Shopee and Lazada. Please visit the official Sharp website at and the official Sharp Facebook page at for additional information.

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