Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Vista Land Launches its First Estate Development in Bicol

Santerra Residences will feature amenities for residents' overall well-being such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, play areas, and so much more.

Vista Land, the nation's leading integrated property developer, unveiled Santerra by Vista Estates, its first estate development in the Bicol Region, on February 25, 2023.

Santerra is poised to become a central lifestyle district where urban living perfectly intertwines with nature’s best, allowing one to live a well-balanced life.

The grand launch, which was held at Vista Mall Naga and was graciously hosted by Krystel Sales, who was crowned Miss Kaogma Tourism in 2019 and Miss Bicolandia's first runner-up in 2018. The event was appropriately titled "FLOW," which stands for "Fascinating Lifescapes in an Oasis of Wellness." It perfectly captured all aspects of estate living in Santerra, a master-planned community that is intended to become a city within a city and is surrounded by nature, enabling its residents to live a well-balanced lifestyle.

Leading the toast to the successful launch of Santerra was Vista Land COO, Jerylle Luz C. Quismundo, joined by Naga City Mayor, Hon. Nelson Legacion, Naga City Vice Mayor, Hon. Cecilia de Asis, Vista Estates South Luzon Division Head, Tere P. Tumbaga, Vista Land MRB Planning Head, Ar. Marga L. Torres, Vista Land Concept Development Officer, Engr. Laimar Lucena, and Santerra Marketing Head, Mr. Jeremiah Pelicano.

Vista Land Concept Development Officer, Engr. Laimar L. Lucena, presenting the master plan of Santerra to Vista Land COO, Jerylle Luz C. QuismundoNaga City Mayor, Hon. Nelson Legacion, and Vista Estates South Luzon Division Head, Tere P. Tumbaga.

Heading the toast to the successful inauguration of Santerra by Vista Estates was Vista Land’s Chief Operating officer, Jerylle Luz C. Quismundo, joined by Naga City Mayor, Hon. Nelson Legacion, Naga City Vice Mayor, Hon. Cecilia de Asis, Vista Estates Division Head for South Luzon, Tere P. Tumbaga, and Santerra’s Marketing Head, Jeremiah E. Pelicano. Revealing the grand master plan for the estate were Vista Land’s Concept Development Officer, Engr. Laimar L. Lucena, and Vista Land’s MRB Planning Head, Ar. Marga Torres.

Providing the over-all picture of the first ever nature and lifestyle district in Naga was Vista Land Concept Development Officer, Engr. Laimar L. Lucena.

Naga City Mayor and relentless leader, Nelson Legacion warmly welcomed the Vista Land team and shared an inspiring message to Nagueños.

Breathing life into the concept for Santerra through powerful production numbers was the award-winning company of D’Mag Dancers, and delighting the guests with a sumptuous banquet was Antigua Restaurant.

Taking its name from the words “sani” meaning “health” or “wellness,” and “terra” which means “land,” Santerra quite literally means, “a land of wellness.” Comprised of horizontal and vertical residences, office buildings, retail and commercial establishments, convention centers, leisure hubs, and other institutions that cater to every modern-day need, Santerra is poised to become Naga City’s nature and central lifestyle district. 

Santerra will also become the setting for a world-class civic center where people can converge, and forge links and partnerships.

Santerra's blueprint has wellness as a central theme. Vista Land took it upon itself to create these amazing lifescapes in Naga, which not only make everyday living convenient and comfortable, but also nurture a kind of life that nourishes one's mind, body, and spirit, allowing life to flow through every person in a seamless manner. Vista Land was aware of the need for greener, more open spaces that support a holistic way of living.

Imagine being able to walk or bike to work instead of having to deal with a stressful commute and taking in the fresh air around you while doing so. Imagine spending an active day with your children at the neighborhood playgrounds and parks. Imagine yourself enjoying a night out with your loved ones in Santerra's numerous healthy dining options. Or just imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping and the sensation of a gentle breeze blowing through the greenery of Santerra.

Allowing people to become the best versions of themselves, Santerra undoubtedly lives up to its name – it is indeed a land of wellness.

Born out of the grand vision of no less than Vista Land’s Chairman, Manny B. Villar, Vista Estates is a collection of prime masterplanned megacities offering unique, premium and sustainable lifescapes, all within a single expansive development. 

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