Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Diamond Star comes home to her newest family

“Imagine working with your loved ones whom you trust and care [for] the most. Family businesses can be difficult, but our bond became stronger by resolving family conflicts through prayer and faith in God. It is a privilege and honor to have [partnered] with the one and only Diamond Star, Ms. Mariel Soriano. Her elegance, simplicity and classy image makes her standout among the crowd. Therefore, she is perfect to be the new Bona Vita star. [This] partnership with Ms. Maricel is undoubtedly our perfect mix. Her career has proved nothing but success to us and there is no doubt that it will also be the same for Bona Vita. After 7 years of hard work, dedication and prayer, the brand ascends up the ladder. By the grace of God, Bona Vita is now #1 in various e-commerce shopping sites in the Philippines. A lot is in store for Bona Vita! More amazing and quality products [will be revealed] soon, which will definitely excite your taste buds and will be beneficial to your body and health.” ~Jethro Cerezo, Bona Vita Chief Executive Officer

Because the family that drinks healthy coffee together, stays healthy together!

Bona Vita was born from a familial love for healthy coffee. The Cerezo family's shared passion has inspired them to embark on a coffee business which aims to uplift every Filipino’s health and wealth.

Pursuing a passion this big has been challenging enough from the start, but for this family, it has been the most fulfilling, rewarding, and one of the nicest things that ever happened to them.

After a successful launch in 2016, things took an unexpected yet exciting turn when their hero mix, Bona Vita 8-in-1 Coffee–a natural food supplement drink not intended to be used as medicine, has been receiving overflowing customer testimonials claiming it has improved their health in various ways. The remarkable outcome prompted its patrons to dub the drink as “The Coffee That Makes Wonders.”

Brewing cups and bonds as strong as a Diamond

Indeed, Bona Vita continues to make wonders through its freshly-brewed partnership with renowned Filipina icon, the Diamond Star Ms. Maricel Soriano to be the brand’s newest ambassador.

Her stellar reputation breads her role as the coffee’s brand ambassador in stirring brand awareness, maintaining a positive image by mirroring the brand’s core values, and representing the brand’s characteristics—classy, healthy, and quality.

Her timeless career recognitions and contributions to the Philippines’ entertainment industry have also been a relatable moment with the Cerezos that reminds them of Bona Vita’s emerging and dynamic journey.

The aroma of wellness

Having the Diamond Star on board is a huge milestone that shows how much Bona Vita has grown since it was established. The company has been reaching target goals that helped expand the team, provided better compensation to employees, and built great rapport with business partners.

The family plans to increase their marketing initiatives with bigger advertisement investments across different platforms to compliment their boosting online sales performance.

Even the Diamond Star herself is an avid consumer of Bona Vita Coffee and a supporter of the company’s mission and vision. With her own Bona Vita experience, she emphasizes the importance of prioritizing one’s health–making Bona Vita Coffee a perfect companion in achieving better health.

The love that people continue to show for Bona Vita Coffee products serves as a motivation for the Cerezo family to work harder, produce more products, and provide better services.

And in a true Bona Vita fashion, they have managed to broaden the brand’s flavors with innovative product variations.

In 10 years, Bona Vita envisions to have a self-owned establishment within Metro Manila and open branches all over the country. The family is poised to continue making waves in the healthcare industry.

Bona Vita family of products comprise Bona Vita 8-in-1 Coffee Mix, BonaSlim 15-in-1 Coffee Mix, Bona Vita 8-in-1 Choco Drink, and Bona Vita Grapeseed Oil Extract. These ready-to-drink products are available online at and via Shopee, Lazada and TikTok Shop. To know more, you can also visit their Facebook page at Bonavita Philippines. 

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