Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Danish Dairy Board launches awareness campaign on European organic dairy in the Philippines

"Producing high-quality dairy products involves a deep respect for the land, the animals, and the consumers. It is about creating a harmonious, sustainable system that prioritizes quality without compromising on ethical standards. Through the campaign, our aim is to help consumers understand what makes organic dairy naturally good, particularly the numerous benefits it delivers to our body and the environment.” ~Mr. Ejvind Pedersen, Manager, Organic Food and Farming, Danish Agriculture & Food Council

The Organic Dairy PH campaign, initiated by the Danish Dairy Board (DDB), a collaborative organization of Danish dairies backed by the European Union (EU), is now underway in the Philippines. The primary goal of this educational initiative is to increase awareness about European organic dairy in the country. The campaign focuses on showcasing the quality of European organic dairy, emphasizing its nutritional advantages, and highlighting the sustainable methods employed in its production. The overarching objective of the campaign is to educate consumers in the Philippines, enabling them to make informed and gratifying decisions when choosing organic dairy products.

Organic dairy products, including organic UHT full cream milk, organic UHT low-fat milk, organic fresh milk, organic low-fat fresh milk, and organic cream cheese, are crafted through a comprehensive method that places emphasis on natural and sustainable techniques. This methodology adheres to stringent criteria that forbid the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms. It is centered around procedures that prioritize animal well-being, safeguard biodiversity and the ecosystem, guarantee the provision of safe and nourishing food, and minimize the impact on climate.

Moreover, dairy products play a significant role in developing a nutritious diet for both children and adults, as they are packed with essential nutrients, including protein, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins like B2 and B12.  

In order to educate consumers in the Philippines about European organic dairy, the DDB has initiated a three-year educational campaign, jointly financed by the EU. This effort comes at a crucial time, coinciding with the rising concern among consumers regarding the nutritional aspects of their food. According to a recent study conducted by Food Industry Asia, 94% of surveyed consumers actively review nutrition information on packaging before deciding on food or beverage purchases. Moreover, the USDA predicts a 3% growth in the demand for dairy products in the Philippines, reaching 3.5 million metric tons in liquid milk equivalent by 2024.

The campaign includes Tasting Days at leading supermarkets and grocery stores in Metro Manila where consumers can sample organic dairy products until January 2024. Participating locations include Landers (Alabang, Arcovia, UP Town Center, BGC), SM Supermarket (Aura, Megamall), The Landmark Supermarket (Alabang, BGC, Makati, Trinoma), South Supermarket (Filinvest), and The Marketplace (Central Square, EDSA Shangri-La, Glorietta/Makati, Greenbelt, Rockwell).  

Additionally, DDB will conduct VIP Consumer Classes, which will give attendees an opportunity to dive deeper into Europe’s expertise in producing high-quality organic dairy, gain insights into the nutritional benefits of organic dairy products, and learn several tips on creating meal plans and tasty dishes with organic dairy. DDB will also collaborate with influencers as well as parenting and food communities on social media throughout the campaign for a more interactive and engaging learning experience. Interested participants may follow Organic Dairy PH on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on how to register. 

Individuals engaging in these events will be rewarded with an exclusive consumer kit containing the Naturally Good magazine published by DDB. This magazine serves as a valuable guide, providing extensive information on organic dairy production and presenting simple, delightful recipes incorporating the benefits of organically derived ingredients.

"The Danish Dairy Board is thrilled to see more consumers in the Philippines embrace the quality and rich tradition of European organic dairy as a result of this campaign. We believe consumers deserve access to a diverse range of top-tier dairy options that not only offer exceptional taste but also adhere to stringent standards and sustainability practices.” ~Mr. Lars Witt Jensen, Senior Marketing Manager, DDB

Stay tuned for upcoming events and discover the naturally good benefits that European organic dairy brings to your table. Follow Organic Dairy PH on Facebook and Instagram to learn more. 


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About the Danish Dairy Board 
The Danish Dairy Board represents the Danish dairy industry. They support their members in their work to provide healthy, safe, and tasty dairy products for customers and consumers across the globe.

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