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GoPro Immortalises Fun Adventures in Davao

“The GoPro Creator Summit APAC was a journey like no other, transcending the boundaries of adventure and creativity. Our 13 creators, armed with an array of resources which included the HERO12 Black, explored Davao’s diverse natural wonders and cultural gems. From navigating tropical rainforests and meandering through pristine river systems to discovering hidden caves, cascading waterfalls, and Davao’s vibrant culinary and cultural heritage, the HERO12 Black was the perfect companion to capture every thrilling moment. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the Department of Tourism – Davao Region for their unmatched hospitality and for providing the perfect canvas for our creators to paint their fun adventures. We can't wait to share the remarkable content captured during this summit across our channels, letting the world experience the enchantment of Davao through the lens of the HERO12 Black.” ~Rick Loughery, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at GoPro

With the all-new HERO12 Black, the GoPro Creator Summit APAC unveils the beauty of Davao, while serving as a prelude to the Davao Adventure Challenge

The stunning scenery of the Davao Region in the Philippines became the backdrop for an exciting blend of creativity and adventure during the GoPro Creator Summit Asia Pacific (APAC) held from November 20 to 25, 2023. Organized by the Department of Tourism – Davao Region, under the umbrella of Tourism Philippines, the summit aimed to showcase the beauty of Davao through the unique perspectives of 13 dynamic content creators hailing from Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Korea.

All 13 creators were hosted on an exclusive 6D5N escapade to explore the gorgeous and diverse Davao region while fueling and spreading the LOVE FOR FUN and adventure with GoPro’s latest flagship - the HERO12 Black, also dubbed as the “Official Camera of FUN” not just by thrill-seekers, but also those looking to capture life's extraordinary moments.

Through this experience, GoPro sought to inspire its squad of content creators to capture the most extraordinary audio-visual content in a natural setting, showcasing Davao and Philippines to the world. The creators underwent a series of adventurous pursuits in a quest to create exceptional content with the GoPro HERO12 Black while promoting Davao Region across all GoPro-owned-and-operated marketing channels in the region. 

Besides showcasing Davao as a destination, the GoPro Creator Summit APAC also sets the stage for Davao Adventure Challenge, a year-long campaign hosted by the Department of Tourism – Davao Region, which will take place in 2024. It is designed to shine a spotlight on Davao’s diversity of natural attractions while satiating the cravings of thrill-seekers and the wanderlust of nature enthusiasts. 

Throughout 2024, participants of the Davao Adventure Challenge will accumulate points as they traverse through designated sites and complete adventure challenges. Each site is assigned specific points, contributing to the participant's overall adventure score.

“The GoPro Creator Summit APAC has served as an opportune prelude to a new chapter of adventure with the upcoming Davao Adventure Challenge in 2024. Designed to cater to the innate spirit of adventure within us, this challenge will unfold against the breathtaking backdrop of Davao’s diverse natural wonders. We extend a warm invitation to all fun-lovers and thrill-seekers to partake in this exciting journey, to not only experience the beauty of Davao, but also to witness our commitment to conserve and protect a land where rich culture, vibrant festivals, and delectable cuisine stand as testaments to the harmonious coexistence of urban life and pristine landscapes. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the fun-loving team at GoPro for their invaluable partnership and for choosing Davao as the stage for the GoPro Creator Summit APAC. This collaboration has not only showcased the incredible potential of Davao but has also reinforced its status as a must-experience destination for travelers worldwide. We look forward to welcoming participants from around the globe to take part in the Davao Adventure Challenge, where the spirit of adventure converges with the beauty of nature in a truly unforgettable experience.” ~Ms. Tanya Rabat-Tan, Regional Director of Department of Tourism - Regional Office XI

Known for its warm hospitality, diverse landscapes, and vibrant culture, Davao beckons visitors to explore its wonders, from the stunning seascape of Davao Gulf to its bustling markets. As the sun sets over Mount Apo, the highest peak in the Philippines, one cannot help but feel enamored by the beguiling charm of Davao, which offers a host of exhilarating moments, as witnessed through the GoPro APAC Creators Summit and immortalized by the HERO12 Black.

The event not only celebrated adventure and creativity but also showcased the limitless possibilities when a group of talented creators is paired with the ultimate tool for capturing the essence of life's most thrilling, beautiful, and FUN moments. GoPro has also prepared a video where you can watch the creators’ full experience here.

For more updates and information about the GoPro Creator Summit APAC, visit GoPro’s Instagram and Facebook (@goproph). You can also check out here for more information on the Davao Adventure Challenge.

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