Tuesday, May 14, 2024

McDonald's New McCafé Summer Brews

“We can’t wait for everyone to try our new McCafé Summer Brews. With the launch of our Cereal Milk and Toasted Coconut Iced Coffee, Coffee Float and Iced Latte flavors, we’re sure to have a McCafé Summer Brew drink to suit your mood and taste – whether it’s to jumpstart your day, give you an afternoon escape from the heat, or, best of all, keep you company while you’re on a summer road trip. We invite everyone to make McCafé your cool summer destination.” ~Katrina Chua, McDonald’s Philippines Marketing & Channels Director

McCafé Summer Brews in McDonald's stores nationwide. The introduction of the McCafé Cereal Milk and Toasted Coconut Iced Coffees will provide customers with innovative and delightful beverage options to escape the scorching summer heat. Each McCafé Summer Brews flavor is available in iced coffee, coffee float, or iced latte varieties, allowing everyone to savor their preferred blends. The new flavors will be hitting McDonald’s stores nationwide today.

The McCafé Summer Brews have arrived at the perfect time: while the Philippines is experiencing a record-breaking heat wave that has everyone hot and bothered, coffee lovers are looking for an ice-cold way to get their daily fix. Each McCafé Summer Brews flavor will be available in three variations: iced coffee, coffee floats, and iced lattes, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite iced coffee blends in multiple ways.

Katrina Chua, Marketing & Channels Director, McDonald's Philippines

McCafé Toasted Coconut adds a tropical twist to iced coffee, enhancing each sip with hints of coconut-infused goodness. Meanwhile, McCafé Cereal Milk combines the refreshing flavor of chilled coffee with the nostalgic taste of sweet, creamy milk left over from a bowl of cereal.

The McCafé Cereal Milk Iced Latte and McCafé Toasted Coconut Iced Latte, on the other hand, highlight the balance of bold espresso and rich whipped cream, providing new twists on a nostalgic favorite for added enjoyment.

The McCafé Cereal Milk Coffee Float or McCafé Toasted Coconut Coffee Float offer an even cooler experience by combining each delicious Iced Coffee flavor with a scoop of soft-serve ice cream to create the ideal combination.

Adi Hernandez, Assistant Vice President for Corporate Relations & Impact 

Anyone can join in the fun this summer because the McDonald's App will feature exclusive McCafé Summer Brew deals redeemable via Dine-In, Take-Out, or Drive-Thru. This May 13, cool off with the McCafé Summer Brew Iced Coffee bundle, which includes two drinks for only Php99. Then, from May 14 to 20, new and existing McDonald's App users can get a McCafé Summer Brew with Cereal Milk or Toasted Coconut Iced Coffee for only P65, or a McCafé Summer Brews Coffee Float for just P75!

This summer, McDonald's will be the place to go for cool refreshment in more ways than one, with new McCafé Summer Brews Iced Coffee flavors available at all branches nationwide and Iced Lattes available only at McCafé locations. Don't miss out!

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