Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Nicotine Pouches: A safer alternative to smoking?

Nicotine Pouches

The demand for nicotine pouches is growing in various European and American nations, and market analysts predict significant market growth for this product by 2028. 

Adult smokers in the Philippines are still looking for various ways to smoke, which has increased demand for Reduced Risk Products such as e-cigarettes or vapes. Is there a chance that nicotine pouches could serve as a lower risk alternative or complement for adult smokers in the Philippines given the market's desire in goods that reduce the risks associated with smoking combustible tobacco?

Nicotine Pouches in the Philippine Market
The availability of nicotine pouches in the local market is still limited. Access of Filipino adult smokers to these non-combustible products is restrained to independent shops that carry mostly Swedish nicotine pouch brands like 77, Helwit, ICE, Klint, Loop, Nordic Spirit, and Paz.

Understanding the prospective risk reduction of nicotine pouches may eventually entice Filipino adult smokers to consider this nicotine product as a convenient and practical choice.

A Look into Nicotine Pouches
Nicotine Pouches offer a modern and unique nicotine experience when smoking or vaping is constrained. A nicotine pouch comes in a soft, white pillow pouch made from plant-based fibers and gum base that houses nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves and flavor blends using food-grade ingredients. 

Each pouch is discreet and simple to use – it is placed between the upper or bottom lip and gum, depending on which will be a more comfortable fit. One can enjoy the nicotine experience on any occasion for a maximum of 60 minutes, lessening the prohibitions of using the product – in one’s commute, while working, or during socializing occasions. 

Because nicotine pouch is non-combustible making it free of smoke, vapor, and smell, the product lessens the ingestion of and exposure to harmful chemicals found in burned tobacco products. 

Despite this, it's still critical to recognize any potential negative effects of nicotine pouches. First-time users of nicotine pouches may still suffer some nausea and lightheadedness, even though experienced smokers and vapers are used to the side effects of smoking combustible tobacco or using e-cigarettes. 

Despite the fact that nicotine, a highly addictive drug, is present in the product, nicotine pouches nonetheless present a positive argument for being a healthier alternative to or addition to smoking. 

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