Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Embrace Your Glowing Transformation with Glupa

“But when I became a teenager. I started being conscious of how I look. I was being teased and called names because of having dark skin. I was a teenager who had dark skin and pimples/acne, I was not happy with how I look in photos, and I lost hope that I could be someone who would have fair or light skin. I first heard about Glupa through my friends. But when I started using it, I instantly saw the changes in my skin in just 3 days. In just a few months of using it, I achieved the skin I would never have. Now that I’ve been using it for years, I no longer worry that I would get pimples or that I would have dark skin again. Since I gained my confidence back, I am now a carefree person who is comfortable taking selfies and going out with friends more because I love how my skin looks. I enjoy swimming again without being worried. And lastly, I am happy.” ~Joanne Velarde
Embrace Your Glowing Transformation with Glupa

We’ve all experienced a moment of cautious optimism when we’re promised with clear and smooth skin by using a whole array of skincare products. However, it can be challenging to seek out the ideal one that will complement your skin type and assist you in realizing your goals. Joanne Velarde was able to accomplish exactly that with Glupa.

As a youngster, Joanne delighted in playing outside. She would constantly go on excursions with her companions and swim at whatever point she'd have a family outing. The most important thing for her was to have fun outside. She was content and self-assured.

Many insecurities haunted Joanne growing up. That was until she started her journey to have cleaner and smoother skin. When she first started using whitening soaps, nothing worked. Until she found Glupa. 

Joanne shared that she started using the soap without expecting any changes given that she had already been using whitening soaps for a while and nothing really helped her. Joanne added that she then consistently used the soap and decided to use the lotion with it to lighten her skin more. 

The road to smooth and clear skin became possible for Joanne. Starting her skincare journey with Glupa made it possible for her as she continues to use the Glupa Whitening Soap with Cucumber Melon Scent, Skin Whitening Toner, and Whitening Cream with concealing effect, in that specific order. 

Joanne would then get less pimples and had fairer skin. 

Glupa Whitening Soap, Skin Whitening Toner, and Whitening Cream, among their other effective products, are available in SM Department Store, Mercury Drug, Watsons, and other leading brands. The products are also available online at Shopee and Lazada. 

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