Saturday, November 25, 2023

BPI's Digital Savings Initiatives Transforming Banking for Filipinos

“Through these initiatives, BPI is empowering Filipinos with the ease and convenience of managing their finances anytime, anywhere through the various channels that cater to their unique banking needs. All it takes is 5 minutes and 1 ID.” ~Asi Ruiz, BPI Deposits Product Head

BPI's commitment to development, convenience, and client centricity is assisting more Filipinos with accomplishing their monetary objectives through different advanced channels. Beginning in 2021, BPI's #SaveUp permits clients to open an investment account through the BPI Application without the need to visit a branch.

Expanding on that achievement, in 2022, BPI sent off BPI #MySaveUp, which empowers clients to open a bank account through the well known web-based wallet, GCash. This year, BPI has taken things to a higher level with a shiny new channel and organization with Lazada, one of the greatest online business stages in Southeast Asia. With the new BPI Leader store, clients can undoubtedly "add to cart" and open a bank account, #SaveUp, alongside other BPI items.

Building on that success, in 2022, BPI launched BPI #MySaveUp, which enables customers to open a savings account through the popular online wallet, GCash. This year, BPI has taken things to the next level with a brand new channel and partnership with Lazada, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. With the new BPI Flagship store, users can easily "add to cart" and open a savings account, #SaveUp, along with other BPI products. 

From left to right: Anne Christine Ruiz Head of Deposits, BPI; Anne Guiritan (Avida Condominium Winner, Anne Jara, Brand Marketing Head, Avida

Despite the digital savings landscape nowadays heavily focusing on unprecedented high interest rates to attract depositors, BPI pioneered a different approach; one that is more sustainable yet still rewarding and affordable. 

In 2022, the Bank launched a rewards program exclusively available for its digital savings products.  The promotion concluded earlier this year, and two newly acquired BPI digital accountholders, Anne Imperial and Anne Guiritan, not only benefited from a convenient and easy-to-manage digital savings account but also won life-changing grand raffle prizes. Imperial drove home a brand-new Kia Stonic Style Edition, while Guiritan won an Avida Vireo Studio condo unit.

“BPI made saving more exciting for me as I was also looking forward to participating in the program and winning prizes. My #SaveUp account inspires me to enjoy life while working hard and saving harder.” ~Ann Collin Imperial, Kia Winner

This year, in celebration of the bank’s 172nd anniversary, BPI also waived the maintaining balance fee for the BPI #SaveUp and #MySaveUp accounts, making saving more affordable and convenient for its digital clients. 

Our vision is to make banking more inclusive, and encourage more and more Filipinos to start the habit of saving. And with all these efforts to provide accessible, relevant, and rewarding banking services to more Filipinos, BPI has already opened more than 1 million digital savings accounts, demonstrating our agility in meeting the ever-evolving needs of customers, and the number continues to grow,’’ said Ruiz.

BPI awards clients who won the #MySaveUpPromo

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