Saturday, November 25, 2023

BPI Loans Marketplace transforms the experience of applying for loans for both properties and cars

"As we launch BPI Loans Marketplace, we are not just introducing a platform; we are redefining the way our clients experience loan applications for properties and cars. Our commitment to innovation, transparency, and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of this initiative. BPI Loans Marketplace is designed to empower our clients, providing them with the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about their financial future."

In a historic move towards improving client comfort and openness, BPI gladly divulges its state of the art Credits Commercial center Site at This unique stage fills in as an all in one resource for properties and vehicles, permitting clients to consistently peruse and apply for credits no sweat. BPI Credits Commercial center invests heavily in banding together with a different exhibit of property engineers and vehicle brands. Clients can investigate a wide choice, certain about the dependability and notoriety related with BPI.

BPI Loans Marketplace is proud to collaborate with a varied range of property developers and automotive brands. Customers can confidently explore a broad range of options, secure in the reliability and esteemed reputation linked with BPI.

Dennis Fronda, Head of Retail Loans

Engaging Features for Unmatched Convenience:

BPI Loans Marketplace stands out with its unique features tailored to provide an unparalleled user experience:
  • Mobile Accessibility: Accessible on various devices, the platform ensures that clients can explore loan options anytime, anywhere.
  • Real-time Availability: All properties are ready for occupancy (RFO), while a designated number of cars are allocated for inclusion on the website.
  • Transparent Loan Application Process: Wondering about the status of your loan application? BPI's dedicated Sales team will promptly get in touch once your online application is received, ensuring you are kept informed every step of the way.
  • Flexible Loan Computation: Tailor your loan experience with the stand-alone calculator,  allowing you to compute different down payment percentages and terms according to your      preferences.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Special features such as "Compare" and "Sort and Filter" empower clients  to effortlessly explore various properties and cars, enabling a side-by-side comparison and targeted searches based on brand, location, or price range.
  • Promos and Payment Solutions: Beyond regular amortization, BPI Loans Marketplace showcases a range of payment solutions and promotions, including AMYP and Step Up, offering clients an array of choices to suit their financial needs.
  • Dedicated Online Support: For inquiries regarding your online loan application, BPI Loans Marketplace boasts a dedicated online team ready to assist and provide prompt responses.

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