Friday, November 10, 2023

Have Yourself The #HappiestChristmasAtSM with a New Jingle by Jose Mari Chan

Celebrate Christmas at SM Supermalls
Jose Mari Chan!

C'mon and celebrate...
Celebrate Christmas
(Celebrate Christmas)
Celebrate Christmas
(Celebrate Christmas)
Big bright malls for all to see
Light up your Christmas with giant trees
Dancign bright lights, Yuletide balls
Celebrate Christmas at SM Malls!
Let's bring out our lists
And come to buy our gifts
(come to buy our gifts)
Here at SM Malls
Christmas can't get better than this
It's the happiest mall to be...
Perfect for all, for you and for me.
Joyful season one and all
Celebrate Christmas at SM Malls!
Celebrate Christmas at SM Malls!

'Tis that time of year to be merry, and what better way to ignite the holiday cheer than with the legendary Jose Mari Chan? This season, SM has collaborated with the Father of Philippine Christmas Music to present us with a memorable, uplifting song that will surely add an extra touch of warmth to your festive celebrations.

This year, Chan has returned to serenade Pinoy shoppers with the song entitled “Celebrate Christmas at SM.” With his timeless voice, you are sure to feel the warmth of the holidays and create joyful memories with your friends and family. 

The newest Christmas jingle is the ultimate soundtrack for the festive season. Its lyrics and chorus are irresistibly catchy, the sort of song that'll have you humming as you shop for gifts or explore the latest deals.

Make your way to your favorite SM Mall, Shop for gifts, savor holiday treats, and create unforgettable moments with loved ones only at SM. 

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Have Yourself The #HappiestChristmasAtSM with a New Jingle by Jose Mari Chan. Spread Holiday Cheer and Feel the Christmas Spirit here at SM Supermalls!

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