Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Crazy Carabao champions Filipino-made premium craft beer innovation

“Our goal as a craft beer company is to help many more Filipinos enjoy the different notes and unique styles of beer. Our following is rapidly growing and we want to keep it fresh and interesting for them by expanding our product portfolio to target the varying tastes of our customers.” ~Brad Hannam, one of the founders of Crazy Carabao
Crazy Carabao recently launched its new packaging along with its newest  variant, the Newtons Noggin Apple Cider

Crazy Carabao, a local premium craft beer brand in the local scene, has successfully garnered a dedicated fan base among liquor enthusiasts and established collaborations with upscale bars and restaurants across the country. However, instead of complacency, the brand remains committed to innovation by introducing unique beer styles, revamping its website, and unveiling more visually appealing packaging that proudly reflects its Filipino heritage.

These exciting milestones were recently celebrated during a recent   Superhero-themed launch held at the new Odd Seoul 2 Bar in Quezon City. Hosted by the country’s popular multi-media personality Sam YG and Tiktok superstar Sammy J, the event gave guests the perfect opportunity to get to know the brand, enjoy the different Crazy Carabao variants with food pairings; beer drinking games, beer pong, and much more.  

Crazy Carabao has undoubtedly come a long way – what started out as a dream among friends after watching a Manny Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas, slowly turned into a reality with the acquisition of an abandoned building in Sta. Rosa, Laguna for brewery. With countless of beers brewed and drank, Crazy Carabao was officially launched in the market in 2014.

Now approaching its 10th year, Crazy Carabao takes pride in being a major player in the Philippines’ craft beer industry. Despite its growing popularity, Crazy Carabao is still brewed in small batches, with the same passion and dedication for quality and creativity. Drinkers can taste the natural freshness of the ingredients – malts are imported from Australia and Europe, and hops, which provides the bitterness, aroma and style, are grown in Yakami Valley located next to Seattle, USA, which is said to have some of the most fertile soil in the world, made richer with the ice water from off the Cascade Ranges.

Crazy Carabao Chief Marketing Officer Cecilia Loretizo with program hosts and social media personalities Sam YG and Sammy J

Crazy Carabao business development officer John Joe Joseph

The same principle in using fresh and premium ingredients is followed in the brand’s newest offering – the Newtons Noggin Apple Cider which has a fruity, fresh, and mild kick. It complements Crazy Carabao’s other existing products, namely Pilsner, Pale Ale, Wheat, Golden Ale and India Pale Ale. 

True to its roots, Crazy Carabao  has updated the look of its packaging,  paying tribute to its Filipino roots. To accompany the beer’s awesome taste, each Crazy Carabao bottle is now adorned with a single beaming color that shows vibrancy through the sunrays accentuated by symbols of Pinoy culture such as the Chocolate Hills, the jeepney, butanding, among others.  

With Bernie, Arizona Brandy, and Miss Jade So

On top of the new Crazy Carabao drink and packaging, the brand has also updated its website featuring a more vibrant design, with pages that are easier to navigate and, most importantly, a Beer Finder feature that lets users easily find the nearest outlets that sell Crazy Carabao – from bars, restaurants, groceries and stores around the country. 

Currently, Crazy Carabao is available in top bars and restaurants across Metro Manila, including  most of the 5-star hotels in the country and in all the main retailers such as S&R, The Marketplace, Landers Superstore, as well as in  Lazada, Shopee, and many other top online stores.

“We would like to thank you for keeping our beers flowing for these past years. Our goal and hope is that our beer touches your lips in many more years to come and to bring quality-made products and exceptional experience to each and every Filipinos!“ ~Grace Vicencio, Crazy Carabao’s Sales Manager

Crazy Carabao Partner Brad Hannam and sales manager Grace Vicencio

To know more about Crazy Carabao, visit https://crazycarabao.ph/ and follow its socials: on Facebook and Instagram

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