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Samsung’s ‘In the Mood for Food’ is a Foodie’s Fantasy Come To Life

Samsung’s ‘In the Mood for Food’ is a Foodie’s Fantasy Come To Life

Life will always be incomplete without food. Regardless of age or social standing, it has become a passion point in addition to the nourishment it provides to our bodies. We naturally gain a greater appreciation for food as our knowledge of its many wonderful preparation methods grows. We become full-fledged foodies as our knowledge and appreciation grows, savoring every plate and bite.

There is an old saying that good food brings people together. Partaking in an extraordinary dinner can be a wellspring of solace, can reignite recollections, or even have the ability to repair connections. In accordance with this, Samsung has long set up a good foundation for itself as the main purveyor with regards to creative computerized machines that make our lives simpler and more pleasant. Through their Customized product offering, which comprises of grant winning items, for example, coolers and microwaves, anybody can without much of a stretch have a snappy and more proficient approach to everyday life.

Food for Fancy

Placing more emphasis on everyone’s fondness on food, Samsung launches their newest digital series entitled “In the Mood For Food”---a heart-warming, feel-good 5-episode series that will capture the attention of every foodie with riveting storytelling and delectable dishes featured.

Each episode of “In the Mood For Food” is themed according to different core messages surrounding the topic of food, ranging from Friendship and Family to Love, Comfort and Tradition, with such topics having an earnest impact on viewers. The series will also feature various characters that are relatable to everyone and their personal stories. Their paths will eventually lead to a diner where they will enjoy a meal and find closure to their different pain points. 

At the heart of every episode is Samsung’s Bespoke Home product line, all of which are designed to create a myriad of dishes and to support both professional chefs and home cooks alike through a wide range of functions. 

Let All Things ‘Bespoke’

Samsung Bespoke Products are designed to express yourself in every space. Thus to make your home feel more “you,” utilize customization through Bespoke and elevate your personal spaces with the colors and combinations that are uniquely your own.

If you want to give premium elegance to suit your modern kitchen style, then Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator is the best choice. With Bespoke's modular design concept, you can customize your fridge according to your taste, color and storage preferences, creating a perfect set-up right at your own kitchen.

Meanwhile, Samsung Bespoke Microwave Oven is everyone’s dream oven because it comes in two stylish and tasteful colors to complement your countertop design—clean pink and pure white. It’s not just aesthetically-pleasing, but highly functional, too. The Bespoke Microwave Oven features a Triple Distribution system which allows heat to deeply penetrate food in multiple directions to ensure that everything is cooked evenly and deliciously. Plus, it has an easy to clean interior coated with a smooth, durable ceramic enamel which is highly rust and scratch-resistant, letting your microwave last longer.

Watch the full episodes starting April 17, 2023 on Samsung PH Official Facebook Page and Samsung PH Official Youtube Page. To view and to know more about the lavish recipes, log on to

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