Friday, May 12, 2023

Mega Prime treats moms to a potluck and pamper date with Marian Rivera-Dantes

“One of the challenges moms face is to create delicious meals that the whole family will enjoy. Add to this the recipe variety that she needs to plan, the weekly budget that she has to work with, and the time constraints to cook—these are things that every mom has to consider. Mega Prime has a wide array of cooking ingredients and pantry essentials to create chef-level meals for the family.” ~Raymund Alegre, Mega Prime Group Product Manager

If there are two things that mothers are closely associated with, it is good food prepared at home and much-needed time off. Joining these two, Super Prime, considering May being notable as Mother's Month, held a Potluck and Spoil Date last Saturday, May 6, to unite fellow mother spirits and appreciate incredible dishes, personal time, and a ton of tomfoolery.

At The Felicidad Mansion in Quezon City, ecstatic mommies brought their very own creations made with Mega Prime products, demonstrating their versatility and quality. They gladly flaunted their dishes with individual participants, trading stories and recipes. They gave it their all because this potluck event was a contest.

Judging the dishes was Mega Prime brand ambassador Marian Rivera-Dantes. From healthy nachos to coffee jelly to creamy carbonara, Marian enjoyed tasting all the home-cooked food. However, there was one that particularly stood out for her—a creamy chicken pot pie, which was the dish that won the grand prize.

Winners of the potluck contest got kitchen essentials from cookware and kitchenware brand Masflex, which were highly appreciated by the guests. 

After the potluck session, Marian and the mommies engaged in insightful, heart-to-heart conversations about the challenges and joys of motherhood. She reassured moms that their hard work is appreciated and reminded them to always find time for themselves.

With this, several moms made sure to retreat to the self-care area to enjoy some pampering time and relax with fellow guests. They were treated with foot and hand massage services to help them unwind and destress. All the guests were also given a self-care and beauty pamper kit provided by 90210 Beauty Lab.

A trusted ally of Filipino homemakers, Mega Prime is well-loved by moms who want to whip up delicious, nutritious, and affordable meals for their families. Its range of high-quality products reflects the company’s commitment to offering only the best to Filipino consumers.

“Mega Prime believes that moms deserve all the appreciation and recognition for all their hard work and sacrifices, and Mother’s Day is a perfect time to show them our appreciation for everything they do. This event is a testament to our commitment to our consumers and our brand promise of providing high-quality products and services to Filipino families.” ~Marvin Tiu Lim, Chief Growth and Development Officer, Mega Prime Foods Inc. (MPFI)

Celebrate Mother’s Day by leveling up your cooking experience with Mega Prime! For more information, check out Mega Prime’s official Facebook page or the official website of Mega Prime Foods Inc.

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