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MR.DIY Brigada Eskwela: Empowering Education with Acts of Kindness

"At MR.DIY, we firmly believe in the power of Acts of Kindness to create meaningful and lasting change in the communities we serve. The MR.DIY Brigada Eskwela's campaign is a testament to our dedication to empowering education and uplifting the lives of children. Through our overarching corporate social responsibility program, AoK, we are committed to enabling and empowering communities, making a positive impact on society. We are immensely proud of our employees and volunteers whose unwavering passion and compassion have made this campaign a tremendous success." ~Charles Salecina, MR.DIY’s Senior Marketing Manager

MR.DIY's "Brigada Eskwela" campaign is a heartwarming initiative that showcases the company's dedication to community involvement and social responsibility. By conducting this back-to-school outreach program, MR.DIY demonstrates its commitment to fostering positive change and supporting young learners as they embark on their educational journeys.

The campaign's focus on helping students and communities during the back-to-school season indicates a genuine desire to contribute to the well-being of society. "Brigada Eskwela" not only provides essential school supplies to students but also encourages a sense of unity and collaboration among participants, as they come together to support a common cause.

Transforming Concepcion Elementary School, Malabon City

The volunteers arrived early that morning, armed with cleaning supplies, paintbrushes, and their enthusiastic spirits. The classrooms hadn't seen such a thorough cleaning in years, and the accumulated dust and grime were no match for the determination of the volunteers. They worked together, sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing every nook and cranny until the floors and walls gleamed.

MR.DIYs Senior Marketing Manager (left of photo) Charles Salecina and Corporate Engagement Specialist (right of photo) Lorina Krish D. Atchico of World Vision turned-over donations to Melibeth Ruiz (middle of photo), Principal of Concepcion Elementary School, Malabon.

A heartwarming moment came during the turnover ceremony when MR.DIY proudly presented a range of essential donations, including children's books, toys, cleaning materials, school bags, steel racks, air conditioners, and PVC accordions. These contributions will undoubtedly provide invaluable support to the students and teachers of Concepcion Elementary School, enhancing their educational journey and fostering a love for learning.

Celebrating Culture and Empowering Education in Bokod, Benguet

Analiza Pelwa, the founder of Pagna’t iMontanosa, leading the "Pencil for a Smile" project with MR.DIY, driving change for 3 years.

In a remarkable display of support for education and community development, MR.DIY has been a longstanding partner of the "Pencil for a Smile" program, organized by Pagna’t iMontanosa and founded by Analiza Pelwa, along with their dedicated member volunteers, Maia Lein Balisong, Federico Murphy, and Adam Bahingawan for the past three years. On July 22, 2023, MR.DIY employees joined hands with the 2nd Provincial Mobile Force Company headed by Police Capt. Faustino Lang-Akhan, PNP  Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Canine group headed by PEMS - Norman Batoon, and the Bokod Municipal Police Office to extend a helping hand to Poodan Elementary School & Ekip Elementary School in Bokod, Benguet.

A beautiful display of Bokod, Benguet’s cultural heritage through a mesmerizing tribe dance by Poodan Elementary School & Ekip Elementary School students.

The event began with teachers delivering motivational speeches that highlighted the significant role of education in molding the destiny of the community. These speeches likely emphasized how education can be a catalyst for positive change and progress.

The event also featured a captivating tribal dance performance that showcased the rich cultural heritage of the community. This dance not only provided entertainment but also served as a means to bring together parents, students, and the broader community, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness. Celebrating cultural traditions can often create a bond among different generations and create a platform for shared experiences.

As part of this sincere effort to connect with the community, various law enforcement agencies like the 2nd Provincial Mobile Force Company, PNP Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Canine, and the Bokod Municipal Police Office were involved in a hair-cutting session for the students. This symbolic act of giving haircuts can represent a fresh start and the shedding of old attitudes or concerns. By imparting this tangible change, it's possible that organizers aimed to instill a sense of renewed confidence and positivity in the minds of the young students.

Overall, the event appears to have been carefully crafted to inspire, celebrate unity, and instill confidence in the community's young minds. The combination of motivational speeches, cultural performances, and the meaningful act of hair-cutting created a multifaceted experience that likely left a lasting impact on all participants.

The collaborative effort between MR.DIY, Pagna’t iMontanosa, and the local authorities to distribute essential donations like hygiene kits and school supplies in Bokod, Benguet, showcases a strong commitment to empowering the next generation in the region. By providing these essential resources, they are ensuring that young learners have the necessary tools to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

MR.DIY's involvement in this initiative highlights its corporate social responsibility and dedication to giving back to the communities it serves. By providing hygiene kits, they contribute to the health and well-being of the students, promoting good hygiene practices that are crucial for their overall development. Distributing school supplies further supports the educational journey of these students, removing barriers that might hinder their access to quality education.

The MR.DIY Brigada Eskwela campaign showcases the company's strong commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community engagement. This initiative not only demonstrates a dedication to social and environmental concerns but also reflects the company's efforts to be a positive force within society.

The campaign's involvement in the Good Bag Campaign, where a portion of the sales of MR.D.I.Y. Eco-bags are donated to NGOs, highlights the company's willingness to contribute to meaningful causes beyond their core business operations. This approach goes beyond mere profit-making and showcases a sense of responsibility towards the communities in which they operate.

The idea of Acts of Kindness (AOK) as an overarching CSR program is a powerful concept. It signifies a long-term commitment to fostering positive change and creating a lasting impact on society. By investing resources and efforts in initiatives like the Brigada Eskwela campaign, MR.DIY exemplifies how businesses can leverage their influence and resources to address social challenges.

The campaign's emphasis on education, as demonstrated through its involvement with schools and students, is particularly noteworthy. Education is a cornerstone of societal development, and by contributing to the improvement of educational institutions and opportunities, MR.DIY is actively participating in building a better future for the next generation.

Furthermore, the campaign's collaborative nature involving students, teachers, volunteers, and the MR.DIY team underscores the importance of collective efforts in achieving meaningful change. This spirit of unity and cooperation is essential for addressing complex societal issues effectively.

Overall, the MR.DIY Brigada Eskwela campaign exemplifies a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility. It goes beyond one-off gestures and instead integrates social and environmental considerations into the company's DNA. By doing so, MR.DIY sets a positive example for other businesses and encourages a culture of empathy, compassion, and social impact within the corporate world.

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