Thursday, August 3, 2023

Rental properties, your way to a steady stream of passive income: SMDC Good Stays opens its very first office at Air Mall Makati

"As an overseas Filipino, having a trustworthy leasing management arm for my property back home was paramount. SMDC Good Stays not only had a physical office [ensuring legitimacy], but their responsive agents also ensured a smooth process [and] took care of everything [for me]. Within two to three months, my property was generating passive income.” ~Jeremias Delos Reyes, Hawaii-based Engineer
SMDC Good Stays offers comprehensive leasing and tenancy management services to ensure a prosperous and hassle-free investment experience with SMDC.

As the range of investment options expands, one consistent and appealing choice is property rental due to the Philippines' prevalent housing backlog and growing demand in the rental market. Investors have found leasing businesses to be highly rewarding and lucrative. The key to success lies in having the right partner.

From L-R: Grace Evangeline Sta. Ana, Executive Vice President, SMDC; Jessica Bianca Sy, Assistant Vice President and Cluster Head - Business Development, SMDC; Sharon May Marcial, Senior Assistant Vice President - Project Development, SMDC; Glenna Veronica Galupo, Vice President - Project Development, SMDC; Sandro Vicente Javier - Vice President, Project Development, SMDC

To cater to investors seeking solid investment opportunities, SM Development Corporation (SMDC) has officially launched SMDC Good Stays, their leasing and tenancy management arm. The first office was opened on July 21 at Air Mall, within the complex of SMDC's Air Residences in Makati City, Ayala Avenue. SMDC Good Stays aims to help investors unlock the potential of their real estate investments by offering end-to-end leasing and tenancy management services, enabling unit owners to professionally maintain and profit from their units.

A partner in enriching lives

SMDC Good Stays office, 2F Air Mall off Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Philippines

Renting out a property comes with the responsibility of curating a functional and enjoyable living experience for tenants. To ensure higher occupancy rates, lessors must ensure tenants feel supported during their stay — whether they are renting to relocate for work, move closer to school, build their family’s roots, or simply go through life’s transitions. 

With SMDC Good Stays, investors no longer have to worry about the complexities of attracting reliable tenants, preparing for tenant occupancy, or ensuring that their property and tenants are cared for. The leasing arm takes charge of all aspects — from property marketing, to tenant sourcing, to unit fit-out assistance, to contract preparation and documentation, to facilitating general cleaning, repairs, and maintenance.

Opportunities abound

The residential sector will remain resilient moving forward, says a Q2 2023 report from Leechiu Property Consultants (LPC) Inc. As more and more companies revert to a work-from-office set-up, and thanks to the sustained increasing office take-up from the BPO and IT-BPM industries, demand from renters is likely to remain strong.

Boundless opportunities, therefore, await investors who choose to ride this growth momentum. According to David Leechiu, Co-Founder and CEO of LPC, data shows rental rates of SMDC developments are competitively-priced, making SMDC properties the top choice of the rental market. 

At the core of this strong stance is SMDC’s award-winning business model that continues to make SMDC properties appealing to renters — prime locations; spacious, hotel-like lobbies; health-oriented, resort-style amenities; professional property management services; and most of all, a streamlined and efficient customer experience.

Tried and tested

Hawaii-based Engineer Jeremias Delos Reyes and his family enjoys a steady stream of passive income, thanks to SMDC Good Stays. Jeremias says the leasing arm “stands out as a credible and professional leasing management partner” due to their association with leading developer, SMDC.

A professional leasing management partner is a must, especially for investors who want to minimize the stress that comes with renting out a unit. Jeremias Delos Reyes, a Hawaii-based engineer and investor of Air Residences, says the peace of mind, convenience, and returns that come with having a credible team to manage your leasing business is incomparable.

Embark on a fulfilling investment journey with SMDC, and discover why SMDC Good Stays is your trusted and dependable partner in your real estate success.

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