Monday, June 18, 2018

Dermstrata Blogger's Conference and Surprises!

"Anybody, any shape... No matter what age, you will still look beautiful and confident one of our goal in Dermstrata is to bring confidence to yourself... When you have a good confidence in yourself you get a better life, a better future and a better path in your life." ~Mike Sy, Dermstrata General Manager
Ambassadors of Dermstrata

You can now celebrate your bridal shower, debut, Sparty at Dermstrata. Bridal Fest has a lot to offer for brides who want radiant skin before their big day.

Embrace Diversity

You can now be a Dermstrata ambassador

To know how checkout Dermstratas Facebook Page at

Dermstrata Skin Clinic & Spa Trusted Dermatological Clinic since 1998.

Ms. MJ Fazonela, Dermstrata Marketing Head, Mr. Mike Sy, Dermstrata General Manager, and Mr. Kim Tapal, Dermstrata Brand Ambassador

You can find Dermstrata since it is very accessible and all of their branches are located inside a mall.

For promos and upcoming events follow Dermstrata Skin Clinic and Spa social media accounts on Facebook Page, website, Instagram, and Twitter

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