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Mr. Pancho M. Piano a stained glass artist, abstractionist, muralist and a multi-awarded filipino artist

“I want my art to be a way to bring the beauty of the Bicolano culture, and the Filipino people in general, to the forefront. When people look at my work, I want them to think, reflect, and appreciate the beautiful culture that we have. When l was in high school, the fishermen in our barrio would ask me to paint artworks in their fishing boats. In exchange, they would give me fish that they had caught. Being an artist is kind of like being a fisherman-sometimes the catch is plentiful, sometimes there’s almost none. As an artist, it’s important that we get to share our talent with the next generation. It feels good to know that you’ve helped someone become the best they can be with your assistance.” ~Pancho Piano
One of the most beautiful paintings of Mr. Pancho Piano
Mr. Pancho Piano (a stained glass artist, abstractionist, muralist and a multi-awarded Filipino artist) just had a Bloggers Meet & Greet event and Live Sketching demo on last June 14, held at the Coral Wing Lobby of Okada Manila. It was such a privilege and appreciation of the artistic creations of Mr. Pancho Piano. 

Piano feels it’s a little easier for newer artists to make a name for themselves because of social media, which wasn’t around yet when he was just starting out. But, he is very happy with the way that artists-~and art, in general, is being treated nowadays. He said there’s more respect for artists and artwork, and even art collectors are more passionate these days. 

Mr. Pancho Piano's award includes:
  • Most Outstanding Bicolano Artist 2009
  • My City My SM Award 2010
  • Orgullo Kan Bikolano Award for Visual Arts 2011

Pancho M. Piano is a poet of Bicol Southern Tagalog Region. A faithful son of Kabikulan, he has paid homage, in his numerous paintings in oil and acrylic, to the myths, legends and traditional of Bicol, its indigenous deities such as Haliya, the moon goddess of abundance and fertility with her multiple breast, and Daragang Magayon in the folktale of ill-starred lovers, as well as myths surroundings the origin of Albay province. He has also celebrated in many forms the region’s festivals, especially that of Our Lady of Peñafrancia water festival, the principal yearly event for the Bicolanos.

With Mr. Pancho M. Piano

I had seen some of his arts that is exhibited at the Retail Boulevard, Coral Wing of Okada Manila entitled "HAGOD" which means a gentle stroke of the brush, it transcends the mere movement as the pieces created evoke more than just patterns and figures but splashes of memories that stirs the spirit and warms the heart.

"HAGOD" Art Exhibit - Pancho Piano
Mother and Child - Mixed Media (48"x96")
Japanese Lady - Mixed Media (48"x60")
The Emperor - Mixed Media (48"x96")

Mother and Child
Mixed Media (48"x96")

Japanese Lady
Mixed Media (48"x60")

A showcase of Piano's colorful visual memoirs in a rapturous explosion of fluid strokes rendered in a kaleidoscope of colors that intimates various emotions.

Embrace I
Acrylic on Canvass (48"x72")

Voyadores - Acrylic on Canvass (44"x41") SOLD
Celebrations - Acrylic on Canvass (48"x72") SOLD
M - Liza I - Acrylic on Canvass (20"x30")
M - Liza II - Acrylic on Canvass (20"x30")
Kalikasan Girl - Acrylic on Canvass (48"x54") 

These are paintings suggestive of a sense of ethereality of sublimity something that inspires that certain lightness of being.

Lupang Hinirang - Oil on Canvass (48"x72") with Magayon I and Magayon II

Magayon II - Acrylic on Canvas (40"x30")
Magayon I - Acrylic on Canvas (40"x30")

These are paintings depicting the dynamics of blending a certain sense of poignancy and vibrancy, depending on the heady mood that one is bound to take as one wallows the eyes in the vividness of the pieces.

Hokkaido Girl l - Acrylic on Canvass (44"x44")
Colors of Hope - Acrylic on Canvass (44"x44")
Hokkaido Girl II - Acrylic on Canvass (44"x44")

Hokkaido Girl l
Acrylic on Canvass (44"x44")

Colors of Hope
Acrylic on Canvass (44"x44")

Hokkaido Girl II
Acrylic on Canvass (44"x44")

A playful play on emotions made manifest in colorful renditions the deepest, innermost feelings that cannot be verbally articulated, only the deft hand of a master can truly express is what Piano's paintings convey.

Pastoras - Acrylic on Canvass (54"x72")
Celebrations - Acrylic on Canvass (36"x48")

Mayon Impression Acrylic on Canvass (40"x30")
The Dancer Acrylic on Canvass (18"x24")
Mother and Child II - Acrylic on Canvass (18"x24")
Fluvial - Acrylic on Canvass (48"x48")

Brussels - Mixed Media (34"x48")
Apparations - Mixed Media (40"x59")
Mindscape - Acrylic on Canvass (36"x48")

Celebrations IV - Acrylic on Canvass (32"x24")
Voyadores IV - Acrylic on Canvass (54"x60")
Celebrations V - Acrylic on Canvass (32"x24")

Legend of Mayon I & II
Mixed Media (48"x72")

Haliya I & II
Acrylic on Canvass (36"x48")

Embrace III
Acrylic on Canvass (54"x86")

Okada I & II
Acrylic on Canvass (36"64")

Georgean Dancers
Soft Pastel (20"x26")

Aside from the various exhibits that he has committed himself to, he also spends his time mentoring younger artists in a group he organized-~--the Salingoy Art Group, an organization of Bicol-based artists; and Bicol Expression, a group of Manila-based artists whose roots originate from Bicol.

#GandangLeomy Gandang Ganda sa Paintings of Mr. Pancho M. Piano
Mr. Pancho M. Piano

Trivia about Mr. Pancho Piano:
  • Piano is a proud husband, father of three, and grandfather to a five-year-old Aria, Basti, 2 years old and Stella, 2 months old.
  • An artist’s awakening Born in a quaint town in Lagonoy, Camarines Sur, Piano was raised by a father Who was a teacher and a stay-at-home mother. Second to eight siblings, Piano discovered his love for the arts early in life.
  • Piano has an economics degree from the University of Nueva Caceres (1978), as well as a Fine Arts degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman (1984-1987; as a Jose Joya Scholar).
  • Among the artists who Piano looks up to include National Artist of the Philippines in Visual Arts Vicente Manansala and acclaimed muralist Botong Francisco.
  • He has mounted 50 solo exhibitions and participated in over 150 group exhibitions in the Philippines. Japan, Saipan, and the United States of America, France, Austria, The Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Brunie Darussalam, Georgia Tbilisi, Innstruct, Australia, Brastilava, Slovakia, Malaysia and Hawaii.
  • He represented the Philippines in Malaysia Art Expo 2016.
  • Before becoming an award-winning artist he is today (winning over 10 major national competitions in the Philippines), he had to go through tough times, too.
  • Piano’s favorite themes to paint are indigenous deities such as Haliya, the moon goddess of abundance and fertility; Daragang Magayon in the folktale of ill-starred lovers; as well as myths surrounding the origin of Albay province.
  • He loves to incorporate in his work the region’s festivals especially that of the Our Lady of Pefrafrancia water festival. 
  • He has held more than 50 solo shows (currently exhibiting “Hagod” in Okada until June 23; another exhibit, “Merging of Colors” opens at the SM Aura on June 21) and joined over 200 group shows, locally and overseas. 
  • Piano’s works have a “jolly” vibe to them because the artist said his work is a reflection of who he is as a person. He loves using pastel colors in his paintings, with results that are striking and evocative. 
  • He has also crafted masterpieces through I wood carving and clay sculpture.
  • With a penchant for realism and abstractionism, Piano’s paintings often portray the beauty of humanity, with a signature stroke where softness and loudness are both in harmony.
  • Orgullo Kan Bikol Award for Visual Art, 2013
  • Member, Future Legends, New York, USA  
  • Founding Chairrnan; President, Salingoy Art Group, Naga City
  • Vice Chairman, nghts of Rizal, Juan Luna Chapter, Pasig City
  • Founding ChaIrman Bikol ExpreSSIon Art Group, Manila
Mr. Pancho M. Piano

Contact Number: 09175343238 

For more info about Mr. Pancho Piano works please feel free to visit his official website and social media platform at:

With my co-bloggers together with Mr. Pancho M. Piano

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