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Monday, November 19, 2018

Do's and Don'ts: Tips and tricks for Jeep Winching

You should realize by now that winches can be very dangerous especially when you use them improperly. There are various people who have already done some winching and have learned the hard way that they did things wrong. Aside from the 4x4 winch that you need, it is vital that you learn more about winching in general. The fact that there are various articles about winching just proves that people are interested in this.

Some Do’s:
  • Do use a synthetic rope for winching. Some people may think that this is not a good idea because synthetic does not seem to be very durable. It is safer compared to the other types of rope. It also has the tendency to hold up more compared to others.
  • Only do winching when you already have enough knowledge about this. Those who get into winching accidents usually experience this when they are ignorant about the things that should be done. Aside from purchasing Jeep Wrangler winch bumper combo, there are still so many things that you have to learn.
  • Use frame-mounted tow points as these will be more durable as compared to the winch hook especially when there are a lot of pulls that you will be required to do.
Some Don’ts:

  • Do not wrap your winch cable around the tree. This may be durable but the rope that you will use, no matter what it is, will damage and kill the tree. You need to take care of the environment so this option is not a good idea.
  • Do not wrap the winch cable on the first rock that you see. Look around you and find the biggest rock available. This will make sure that it is safer for winching. Just imagine if the rock would not be sturdy enough. It might get hurled towards your vehicle.
  • Do not choose a jagged rock. This will have the tendency to cut through the rope and make the winching unsuccessful.
You may want to get products that are trusted such as Tuff Stuff 4x4 for your winching needs. Hopefully, the details that you have learned will be enough for you to winch appropriately.

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