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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

How I got inspired with 3 H ~Health, Healing, and Happiness~

The greatest wealth is health. -Virgil

They say life begins at 40, that I am not sure of. But NO I am not turning 40 yet but soon 2 years from now. For me, Life begins the moment I came to the point when my faith was tested in a situation between life and death, an eye-opening and triggers me to really take an action concerning my health. It turned out to be my personal journey to 3 H ~Health, Healing, and Happiness~ has now evolved into my life purpose and calling.

way back 20 years ago when I was in the hype of joining Beauty pageants indeed I was not shy nor hesitant to wear swimwears event those gowns that really shows the shape of my body because I know "I got it" I am proud to flaunt it on stage. But that was 20 years ago until I graduated from college and start to work and be busy with life and other activities, from then on changes happens most especially my lifestyle. 

But then again as I grow older and been very busy I didn't take much concern how my body starts to change so BIG I only noticed it when I turned in my 20's up to '30s especially when I started blogging more than 4 years ago much much bigger change occurs. I came to the point of really feeling depressed about how I look whenever I fit clothes and see myself in the mirror of a fitting room feeling so exhausted having a hard time breathing because the dress won't fit me and I shed tears sometimes asking myself "What did I do to myself". This isn't me. With the depression of feeling so fat, unhealthy and unwell I became even I ate more and I became bigger. I tried to join different gym membership, even tried to drink diet drinks and pills but guilt succumb the hell out of me until I joined some fun run every Sunday from the start yes I was very active but stubbornness attacks my senses again. I went back to eating much without lookin' at what I'm eating and not having much time to sweat sometime.

Just last March something scary happened I thought I'll be dead, yes a life and death situation during an event. I lack enough sleep that day and an early event to attend to I was feeling normal in the morning but when I'm already inside the venue I felt so dizzy and about to throw up so I went to the CR to throw up but its just not happening until I asked the janitress that I will just sit for a while inside the CR but I was surprised when the Janitress came back with a lot of emergency team as if I was about to die. The nurse checked my BP and my 160/120 and I was stunned may dizzyness felt scarier and they let me rest for a bit and forcing me to take me to the nearest hospital but I said I just need to go home and take a rest and sleep. They once check my BP and ow my it went 170/120 so I freaked out and asked to just let me go home immediately before I pass out. I insisted to come and let me signed a waiver that they have no concern once I get home and felt so sad that they did that yet I understand.

The truth is that I didn't have my health card with me and that I need to withdraw money first because I only got a few money in my wallet and my partner is inside the venue already rushed me a ride. I cried when I am trying to sleep that day at home, I badly want to go to the hospital just as what the nurse advised me but my health card wasn't ready yet to be used. Then I came to realized how important a health card is. Been attending events about Sun Lifes offering health card and I told to myself "it's time" moments like that everyone should be prepared because let's face it having a health card is a life-saving.  

After that incident I started my commitment to fitness and my ability to connect with my readers, I am confident that I can help in spreading awareness about health and wellness among millennials, especially among the people in my age. I begin to watch what I eat, get back to joining fun runs, started jogging at BGC once again, and publishing some articles about Sun Life’s advocacy on helping Filipinos live healthier lives. I Miss my old beauty queen body but I want to get back to being healthy not to have that beauty queen body once again but to encourage myself to become healthier, healing is a process and I'm getting there, and live a happier life. I can now breathe much easier wear clothes I thought would be just inside my storage box. It's true that when you feel good you'll really look good its a positive energy that makes you feel confident as well.

I pan to create a group to help people live healthier lives and because for me helping make the health system work better for everyone. When I turn 40 I would want to say life begins when I look back with no regrets and not feeling regretful that I didn't prepare myself for whatever happens to me because I know hat I have my health insurance to support and back me up when an emergency occurs. 

I'm excited to join different runs and try different activities that involve health and wellness programs. One of the most exciting and I'm anticipating to join is the Sunpiology 2019 - Sun Life Resolution Run you can check this LINK for more information. I'll see you all in the gunshot start and int he finishes line. Finishing a race is already a journey that when you look back to where you started its a crowning glory to have it done up to the finish line because you got your own courage to do so.

Always remember that you're the master of your own soul no one should be blame whatever happens concerning your health, it is YOU and YOU alone because you control your own body, mind, and soul. So chose a healthy, healing, and happy life before you experience a life and death situation. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination. 

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