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Grab Celebrates 8th Anniversary by Fulfilling 120 Requests and Wishes of Filipinos During the Pandemic

Grab celebrated its 8th anniversary last June by launching the "Sagot Kita" campaign wherein the company fulfilled requests of Filipinos to help them adapt to the new normal. Grab continues to be Filipinos’ partner during these trying times by providing safe and convenient access to everyday essentials.

Throughout the month of June, Grab granted over 100 requests and wishes of things and experiences Filipinos miss most during the pandemic; from requests as a means to help others— like Jellie Tiu who wished for milk and baby supplies for her friend Jan who lost her job as an OFW— to giving experiences that Filipinos missed, like Grab delivery partner Julie Vega who wished to satisfy the craving for her favorite food. To these small, big wishes and requests, Grab says, "Sagot Kita." 

Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading everyday app celebrated its 8th anniversary in June by giving back and helping fulfill the requests of Filipinos to help them adapt to the new normal.  Throughout the years, Grab has expanded its services to continuously provide safe and convenient access to everyday necessities. Today, GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabExpress, GrabPay, and GrabMart continue to give Filipinos access to their essential needs despite the limitations that the country will continue to face as we transition to the new normal. 

As a means of giving back, and reminding Filipinos that Grab has their backs, the company partnered with:
  • Nestle
  • Pringles
  • Kellogg’s
  • San Miguel Brewery
  • Ginebra San Miguel
  • San Miguel Foods
  • Lazada
  • Heineken
  • Unilever
  • P&G

Launched its Sagot Kita campaign, showing how Grab now— more than ever— proves to be Filipinos’ partner in navigating through life in the new normal. Throughout the month of June, Grab granted over 100 wishes, big and small, of things Filipinos miss the most and surprising them with experiences they wish for— from snacks that used to be part of their daily routines to milestones and occasions they missed celebrating, or even requests that extend help to others.

Using Grab as a means to help others
Filipinos prove that the spirit of helping takes center stage when the opportunity arises. Instead of satisfying personal whims, many wishes were made for others— family, friends, or neighbors that need a little bit of help to get by during these trying times. 

Jan de los Reyes has found a true friend in Jellie Tiu. When Jellie heard about Grab’s campaign, she used the opportunity to help her friend and her 10-month old daughter. Losing her job as an OFW after the lockdown, Jan is left scrambling for ways to keep providing for her child. With the help of Grab, baby supplies and milk were delivered safely via GrabExpress. 

Through thick or thin, Lony Marvillo stands by her husband's side. She provides for them both by operating a small sari-sari store, as her husband is no longer fit to work and is in need of dialysis. Instead of wishing for financial assistance, Lony instead wished for more supplies to sell in her store to sustain their livelihood. Her small sari-sari store waa replenished with the help of GrabMart. 

Having a soft spot for animals, Manila Santos went ahead and wished for supplies for the staff and animals of PAWS. Some of the staff were locked in the shelter during quarantine, and were in need of supplies. Animal food donation also dwindled, and a little help would go a long way. Delivered by GrabExpress, PAWS was able to receive groceries for the staff, and food for the animals. 

Grab brings back experiences Filipinos missed the most
So many restrictions brought us realizations that there are experiences we can no longer do like before. To bring delight to this mood-dampening thought, Grab made ways for people to bring back these experiences one way or another. 

Social distancing doesn’t allow much for close contact, and Greg Cendana expressed that he misses eating out with his girlfriend Iyrelle Mauricio. Granting his wish through GrabFood, a virtual pizza date was set up to make up for the distance.

Mary Ann Mangalindan’s weekend routine with her husband was to stop by Max’s after a grocery run. Bringing back that favorite weekend experience, GrabFood says "Sagot Kita" by sending over their favorite Max’s items for her and her husband to share.  

Julie Vega is a Grab delivery partner who is an independent parent to her only daughter. With her income just enough for their daily needs, they don’t often get the chance to enjoy their favorite food. But thanks to GrabFood, mother and child enjoyed a sumptuous meal of lechon and pancit palabok. 

Life as we know it may not return to how it was for a long time. But with the help of Grab, adjusting to the new normal is made easier and safer with its services:
  • GrabCar that ensures safe transport from one location to another
  • GrabPay that enables contactless and cashless transactions
  • GrabExpress that helps individuals and merchants deliver goods to others
  • GrabMart that allows customers to conveniently purchase essentials without the need to go out and, 
  • GrabFood that delivers meals to customers in the safety of their homes

Experience what Grab has to offer and avail of over 100 promos in celebration of its 8th anniversary. Make life in the new normal a little bit better with the help of Grab. Kami muna ang bahala

Visit https://www.grab.com/ph/featured-blog/grabsagotkita/ for more details.

About Grab
Grab is the leading super app in Southeast Asia, providing everyday services that matter most to consumers. Today, the Grab app has been downloaded onto over 185 million mobile devices, giving users access to over 9 million drivers, merchants, and agents. Grab offers the widest range of on-demand transport services in the region, in addition to food

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