Monday, March 22, 2021

Maiinggit ka talaga: Mega Tuna breaks the internet with its latest entertaining (and mouth-watering) video!

“We noticed that anyone who sees someone eating Mega Tuna feels a sense of “inggit” by seeing how that person enjoys each bite with matching eyes closed as they savor the pure goodness and rich flavor of Mega Tuna. Who wouldn’t feel envious when they see someone eating like that? Through this, we’re able to convey our message of switching and trying out Mega Tuna and instilling the message of maiinggit ka sa sarap.” ~Pia Bernabe, Brand Manager of Mega Tuna

Do you know that feeling when you’re watching someone enjoy what they’re eating, with so much gusto and happiness that you can’t help but have your own mouth water in curiosity and inggit

Mega Tuna understands that feeling perfectly, and they are conveying it in their new online video that’s taking the internet by storm.  Utilizing a mix of fantasy and humor, “maiingit ka sa sarap” has never been truer for the characters in the video as they watch someone (or something else) enjoy Mega Tuna!

Wondering what happened to the human who switched places with a lizard? Watch the full video through this LINK

As soon as the video begins and the woman takes the first bite of Mega Tuna, it’s clear to see how much she enjoys it. Her eyes are closed as she savors the rich flavor of Mega Tuna’s big tuna flakes with pure tuna meat and no extenders. Every bite gives her the real tuna taste without the guilt and anyone watching her, even the lizard hanging from up above, would be inggit and would want to be in her shoes. 

The desire to try Mega Tuna is strong, and perhaps, even strong enough that the lizard finally gets to try it for itself. 

Mega Tuna comes in four different variants—Flakes in Oil, Hot and Spicy, Spanish Style, and Sweet and Spicy—so you’ll never run out of flavors to match your mood or appetite. Whether you eat it straight out of the can, add garnishing, or use it as part of a favorite recipe, Mega Tuna will definitely make a great companion every day.

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