Friday, March 12, 2021

McDonald’s gives thanks to those who deliver. McDeliverBack: Breakfast for Heroes

“Delivery riders have been our lifeline in these challenging times, and their sacrifices and hard work have made the past year much easier for everyone. As we mark the first year of the lockdown, McDonald’s honors and gives thanks to these delivery riders with a hearty breakfast to start their day.” ~Oliver Rabatan, McDonald’s Philippines Marketing Director
McDonald’s gives thanks to those who deliver. McDeliverBack: Breakfast for Heroes

Amidst transportation restrictions and a community quarantine over the past twelve months, Filipinos have increasingly relied on delivery riders for their everyday meals and needs. 

On March 16, for every McDonald’s breakfast ordered— regardless of the delivery platform— McDonald’s is paying tribute to these delivery riders by giving them a warm breakfast. Through McDeliverBack, McDonald’s celebrates the delivery riders who have unfailingly brought Filipino consumers their McDonald’s favorites.

Through the McDeliverBack program, McDonald’s will be celebrating the delivery riders who have unfailingly delivered McDonald’s favorites — and everyone is invited to join by having their McDonald’s favorites delivered between 6AM-10AM on March 16. In doing so, your delivery rider will be treated by McDonald’s to a free Cheesy Eggdesal meal with Minute Maid!

You, too, can show your appreciation to your delivery driver for their service.

Order a McDonald's breakfast on March 16 from 6AM-10AM via McDelivery, GrabFood, or foodpanda to McDeliverBack a delicious breakfast for your delivery rider. For more information, be sure to follow McDonald’s on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Join McDonald's this March 16 as it gives back to delivery riders for their bravery, dependability, and hard work!

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