Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Boracay Getaway for as low as PHP 756.84 per person

It's pretty getting so hot nowadays and summer is already approachings. Summer is here! Make the most out of your vacation in the pristine beach of Boracay Island by availing of the Sun Season 2020,  Promo for one night and two days, all with free breakfast with rates for as low as:

Travel period is June 14, 2020, excluding April 3 to 13 & April 30 to May 4, 2020.

Sun Garden Hilltop Resort
PHP 756.84.00 per person
PHP 1,513.86.00 for two persons

For two nights, three days with free breakfast
PHP 1,513.68.00 per person
PHP 3,027.36 for two persons

Sun Villa Hilltop and Sun Villa Beachfront Resort
PHP 1,135.26.00 per person
PHP2,270.52 for two persons

For two nights, three days with free breakfast
PHP 2,270.52 per person
PHP 4,541.04 for two persons

  • The promo is inclusive of free breakfast, inclusive of 12% VAT. Further discounts are available for even longer stays.

Sun Garden Hilltop Resort offers 13 rooms with a picturesque garden setting along the main road of Station 3. Sun Villa Hilltop Resort is along the main road of Station 2, in front of Hennan Resort. It contains 12 rooms and features an outdoor swimming pool. Meanwhile, Sun Villa Beachfront Resort is along the main white beach and has 20 rooms. 

So make the most out of your summer and book your vacation at these resorts.

For inquiries, call:
02 8893 7293/ 0998 963 7124 (Manila)
036 288 4410/ 0998 987 6479 (Boracay)
Email address: info02@boracaysunresorts.com.ph / ssunvilla@yahoo.com

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