Monday, March 9, 2020

Medicard Leading HMO Company launches the first-ever Supremo Obstacle Challenge

“We are excited to launch the first-ever Medicard Supremo Obstacle Challenge. This is part of our advocacy to enjoin Filipinos to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle. This activity brings together as well, coaches from Affiliate Alliance. Their expertise will ensure that those who participate will push themselves to be the best that they could physically be. We would like to enjoin the public start living a healthier, more active and fitter lifestyle by signing up for the MediCard Supremo Obstacle Challenge. We owe it to ourselves and our loved ones. ~Dr. Nicky Montoya, MediCard President

Supremo Obstacle Challenge,  the first obstacle challenge aimed to enjoins the public to live a healthier and active lifestyle. 

Medicard, leading health, and maintenance organization in the country, enjoins the public to live a healthier and active lifestyle through the Medicard Supremo Obstacle Challenge. This first and one-of-a-kind activity will gather both beginners and fitness enthusiasts who want to start their way to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Unlike other aerobic and exercise activities, Supremo Obstacle Challenge combines several workout routines that are meant to test the agility, flexibility, balance, cardiology, dexterity, the endurance of each participant through a combination of cardio, running and rope exercises, Crossfit workouts through the use of dumbbells, and short but high-intensity exercises.

The top three male and top three female participants from both the beginners and advanced categories will compete in the culminating event. Only 36 participants will be selected for this.

Professional coaches closely monitor and supervise the progress of the participants and make an evaluation of their readiness before they are profiles either as a beginner or an advanced athlete. The coaches also develop workout programs that are suited to the participants of both categories.

The Affiliate Alliance is a network of CrossFit-affiliated boxes all over the country. It was established just last 2015 with the goal of promoting CrossFit as well as promoting overall fitness. Coach Jason Monteverde is the head coach of the Affiliate Alliance.

Aside from Coach Monteverde, the group counts in its ranks several of the country’s recognized fitness experts such as Andrea Arcega, former head coach of Spartan Race Philippines, Mark Lamson, one of the elite athletes in the country, Cilyn Abella, a four-year coach at the Complete Fitness in Ortigas and Asian Development Bank’s corporate coach, Nolan Collado, a physical therapist, CrossFit coach and former trainer at Planet Infinity Gym, Raymond Manual, another CrossFit trainer with a background in calisthenics and gymnastics, and Vlad Salum, also a CrossFit trainer and weightlifter.

The Medicard Supremo Obstacle Challenge will kick-off with a conditioning program for the first two weeks beginning March 16 and end on May 31 at the Glorietta Activity Center. The activity is open to all individuals who want to start living a healthier and fitter lifestyle by conquering a series of obstacle course challenges.

Before participants can join the culminating event, they must first pass a two-week conditioning program from March 16 to 27 at Centris in Quezon City, from April 20 to May 1 at Filinvest in Alabang, and from May 5 to May 15 at Ayala Triangle in Makati. The conditioning program will run every Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6pm to 8pm. Participants who complete the two-week conditioning program will qualify for the Supremo Obstacle Challenge culminating event on May 31.

Medicard is the first health and maintenance organization founded and managed by doctors. Over the years, it has provided the most comprehensive and innovative health care programs and fitness activities that help people achieve a healthier life.

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