Tuesday, February 14, 2023

The new intense, luscious dark chocolate from Tanduay and Theo & Philo is a tribute to their Philippine heritage

“Tanduay continues to delight our customers by coming up with new product innovations. Our first collaboration with premier Filipino chocolate brand Theo & Philo successfully achieved our targets and opened new opportunities. This time, we are releasing dark chocolate bonbons that bring out the premium flavor of the Tanduay Asian Rum Gold. Our dark chocolate is a relatively high percentage dark chocolate, so it really needs something bold to go with it. We use Philippine trinitario cacao beans for making our chocolates and it can make for a strong dark chocolate that also requires big flavors to go with it. It was really amazing to learn how much it got people excited to see a Tanduay chocolate bar, mainly because Tanduay for a lot of people is very reminiscent of good times shared with friends over a drink. It really is an iconic brand in the Philippines that has stayed true to its roots, and for being the oldest rum brand in the Philippines.” ~Philo Chua, founder and chocolatier behind Theo & Philo
Tanduay Gold Chocolate Rum Truffles

Tanduay Asian Rum Gold's robust and complex flavors are paired with Theo & Philo's 65% single origin Philippine Dark Chocolate in the most recent collaboration between the two brands.

According to Marc Ngo, Senior Brand Manager and International Business Development Manager at Tanduay, the company was able to demonstrate that Theo & Philo's rum is distinctive and can be used in other products by working with them.

Their initial brand collaboration was a chocolate bar with rum caramel filling. It was released in limited quantities back in 2019. 

Chua also noted that both brands trace their roots back to the Philippines’ heritage and land. The sugarcane used in making Tanduay and the cacao beans that go into Theo & Philo’s chocolates are grown in the country. All their products are likewise made in the Philippines. Ngo shared that they are open to more collaborations with Theo & Philo and other Philippine brands featuring Tanduay’s award-winning rum products.

The new Theo & Philo Tanduay chocolate is a limited edition product. 

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