Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Mang Inasal features Jane de Leon in new Chicken Inasal campaign

“Mang Inasal welcomes Jane de Leon to our family of endorsers as she perfectly embodies aspects of Mang Inasal’s brand personality. Jane is simple, fun, and passionate about what she does. And just like our Chicken Inasal, she is now part of our customers' daily source of happiness.” ~Mike V. Castro, Mang Inasal Business Unit Head
Mang Inasal features Jane de Leon in new Chicken Inasal Campaign

A new Chicken Inasal Campaign emphasizes the product's distinctive Ihaw-Sarap flavor and large serving size as part of Mang Inasal's yearlong celebration of its 20th anniversary.
Jane de Leon, a rising star who will also appear in a television commercial enjoying the 2-in-1 sa Laki, Tagos ang Ihaw-Sarap Chicken Inasal, is the face of the new campaign.
Similarly excited with the partnership, de Leon admitted to being a Mang Inasal fan since childhood.
“Mang Inasal Chicken Inasal is one of my comfort food since I was a kid. I associate Mang Inasal with happy moments in my life and joining the Mang Inasal family really puts my 2023 as my happiest.” ~Jane de Leon
For the past two decades, Filipinos have relied on Mang Inasal as their go-to source of delicious and satisfying Ihaw-Sarap food and the Unli-Saya experience. Chicken Inasal, the flagship product of Mang Inasal, is one of their favorites, and they enjoy it with unli-rice.
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