Monday, November 27, 2023

Dive into Darkness: Lesha's 'no heart' Redefines the Pop Music Landscape

“I’m really excited for this one ‘coz of how different it is from my last release GO TO HELL!!! This track is leaning more into the dark dance pop side - a genre I’m well known for. I can’t wait to perform this song live soon! I wrote this song with LA-based songwriter Krizia Carbonell and I remember us just coming up with the concept of empowerment and not caring about what anyone else thinks in reference to the ‘dancing with no heart’ line.  While the line “glowing in the dark” metaphorically symbolizes just me being an untouchable magical force or in general as someone who possesses power. It is a song that I wrote about a phase in my life where I finally decided to move on and not care about what anyone thought of me. For now I’m focusing on my upcoming plans for next year as we prepare to drop more singles and hopefully I get to perform all my new songs live soon too! A lot of my fans would agree with me on this, but I honestly can’t wait to drop another unreleased song of mine called Skin2Skin. It’s also produced by De’La and written by me in LA last year. I’ve been performing it at all my live shows this year and it organically built its own fanbase on social media! So, wait for it!” ~Lesha, Gen Z Rising Rockstar and Femme Ingenious

Out of the blue, emerging rock sensation and talented artist Lesha from Generation Z has recently released another guaranteed hit single titled 'no heart.' Anticipate a fresh take on this new track. Given Lesha's bold approach as a singer/songwriter, there's no question that she will deliver a unique and compelling vibe.

“no heart” serves as an anthem of strength and perseverance, using dance as a symbol for moving forward and embracing life fearlessly. This track encapsulates the spirit of dark pop that's both danceable and thought-provoking, featuring a blend of infectious beats and lyrics centered on self-discovery and unapologetic self-expression.

You can also say that no heart is quite different from her previous tracks.  For one, this is a very bouncy danceable anthem. The track that you listen to when you want to boost up your energy and confidence. Lesha has also incorporated different vocal chops into the song’s production working with her US based producer De’La and LA-based songwriter Krizia Carbonell.

It has always been her trademark for all the songs to share her feelings and innermost thoughts. For “no heart” lyrics, she expressed her own imperfections in the context of a troubled relationship. Her self realization led her to make amends that she wasn’t as bad as she was made to believe. While the idea of ‘dancing’ as symbolism used in the song, reflects a sense of liberation or living without holding back and just allowing herself to have control over how she moves through life.

Lesha can only attest how “no heart” has made a great impact on her life. 

2023 is almost ending but Lesha remains unstoppable in her pace moving forward and achieving a whole lot more. 
As a true believer of manifestation, Lesha shares what’s on her mind lately and what she is manifesting to happen sooner than you think.

Listen to “no heart” on Lesha’s Spotify. Check out other social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok for more updates.

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