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Sustainability in Farming and Odiva's Dedication to Eco-Friendly Practices

Discover Excellence in Every Bite with Odiva. Delicious, High-Quality Pork with Healthy Fat: Odiva Debuts in the Philippines.

It is my privileged to be invited to Odiva Pork from Taiwan debuted here in the Philippines on November 9, 2023 at Shangri-la Makati. Got to know more about the brand and tried their 9-course Chinese Meal. Mr. Lee Jung Chun, Owner of Odiva Pork introduces The Future of Farming.

Mr. Lee Jung Chun, Owner of Odiva Pork

Odiva Pork from Taiwan, a leading eco-friendly pork brand, is addressing environmental concerns and climate change threats. Sourced from 'Pinpu Black Pig' in Taiwan, the brand harmonizes traditional methods with innovative approaches, delivering delicious pork while prioritizing sustainable practices. Odiva Pork goes beyond mere quality, aspiring to shape a future centered on environmental stewardship, highlighting the significance of sustainable farming in the worldwide agricultural landscape.

Odiva has a dedication to eco-friendly practices in farming, sustainability in farming involves practices that aim to minimize the environmental impact of agricultural activities. This can include using environmentally friendly farming techniques, minimizing the use of harmful chemicals, promoting soil health, and implementing conservation measures.

The culinary world is continuously evolving, with gourmets and food lovers always on the lookout for the next big thing. As the Philippines embraces its rich gastronomic heritage, a new contender steps into the spotlight – Odiva Pork. This is not just any introduction; it is an embodiment of flavor, tradition, and health.

Executive Chinese Chef Chan Po Sang

In this special collaboration with Shang Palace, we had the experience of trying some of the sumptuous dishes specially curated by Executive Chinese Chef Chan Po Sang of Shangri-La Makati, using Odiva Pork inspiration behind the collaboration menu. 

Legendary Black Pig Odiva Pork Platter

Double-boiled Brazilian Mushrooms, Odiva Pork Tomahawk Soup

Braised Odiva Minced Pork with King Prawn

Steamed fillet of Garoupa with Odiva Shredded Pork and Mushrooms

Cantonese Roasted Duck

Odiva Pork Tomahawk Cantonese Style

Odiva Pork Meatballs with Japanese Rice Noodle

Chilled Luhui Sea Coconut

  • Championing Eco-friendly Practices at Chun-Fa-Cheng Pig Farm

Nestled beneath the Dawu Mountains, the Chun-Fa-Cheng Pig Farm is a testament to Odiva's environmental dedication. At this self-operated facility, every aspect of the Pinpu Black Pig's growth has been considered. From carefully adjusted feed formulas to an idyllic barn environment, Odiva ensures the well-being of its livestock. Moreover, the pigs enjoy fodder sourced from local agricultural by-product and water sourced from Dawu Mountain, purified with advanced RO technology. This not only guarantees the meat's safety and reliability but also highlights the brand's commitment to environmental wellness.

  • Towards an Advanced Green Energy Farm

Odiva's aspirations extend beyond just responsible farming. The brand envisions the establishment of an "Advanced Green Energy Farm," aligning its practices with global sustainable goals. Such a facility would not only produce premium pork but also contribute significantly to reducing the agricultural sector's carbon footprint.

  • Transparency and Tech: A Match for Sustainability
Incorporating technology into its operations, Odiva introduces a layer of transparency unheard of in the pork industry. Each pig is tagged with a microchip, monitoring its health, weight, and feeding habits continuously. This proactive approach ensures early interventions and overall well-being.

Moreover, Odiva's dedication to transparency shines through its product traceability. With QR codes on product packaging, consumers can trace the journey of their pork right from birth to their plate, promoting conscious consumption.

  • The Future of Farming

As Odiva Pork makes its debut in the Philippines, its message is clear: quality and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Lee Jung Chun, Owner of Odiva Pork, commented on the brand's Philippine launch, stating that Odiva Pork represents a harmonious blend of Taiwan's culinary heritage and an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.

But it is not merely the breed that sets Odiva apart, it is the company’s dedication to marrying tradition with innovation in every facet of production. For over a decade, the company has immersed itself in a rigorous process of selective breeding.

As the global community moves towards sustainable food production, Odiva Pork emerges as a beacon, illustrating that with dedication, innovation, and respect for the environment, the future of farming can indeed be green.

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