Monday, April 9, 2018

Toni & Baby Seve for Pampers Baby Dry Less Lawlaw, Go Galaw Mornings

“Seve loves to dance and play especially with me and his dad! Now that he’s about a year old, he has started exploring, leaning to walk—and dance even more steadily. Babies wear diapers all day and all night, which is why it’s important to find one that works well. I don’t want Seve to be uncomfortable doing the things he wants to do, especially in this crucial stage, because of a lawlaw diaper. It’s a good thing we choose Pampers Baby Dry, now with the amazing magic gel channels to make sure that Seve can Go galaw in a less lawlaw diaper, stay comfortable and happy at all times. Just like me and Seve, I hope more moms can #ChoosePampers so we can finally say goodbye to lawlaw diapers, leaving our babies to go galaw and move freely and comfortably.” ~Toni Gonzaga 

March 16, 2018, New and Improved Pampers Baby Dry was launched at WhiteSpace in Makati, Toni and Seve unveiled the new Pampers Go Galaw song, which highlights how babies can go galaw in a less lawlaw diaper thanks to the new Pampers Baby Dry. The song brings attention to a crucial issue most moms may not know of – saggy or lawlaw diapers.

Introducing upgraded Pampers with Magic Gel Channels -- 3x drier and evenly absorbs wetness so your baby can go galaw in a less law law diaper.

Mommies Andi, Feliz, and Paula share their experiences in choosing the right diaper for their babies. Thanks to Pampers, they also learn how lawlaw diapers can affect their child's motor skills.

There’s more to lawlaw diapers than just being unsightly to look at. According to Go Naked: Diapers Affect Infant Walking, a 2012 study from the US National Institute of Health, saggy or lawlaw diapers may also hinder your child’s ability to walk properly. Despite this pressing concern, according to a nationwide survey done by Pampers, only 8% of moms think that lawlaw diapers can affect how babies move. A lawlaw diaper also means wetness and leaks, as well as the need for more frequent diaper changes.

In the event, Toni shows that moms can now deal easily with lawlaw diapers thanks to the new Pampers Baby Dry. Lawlaw happens because pee is accumulated in a single spot in the diaper. The magic gel technology in Pampers Baby Dry allows it to absorb wetness evenly and distribute it throughout the whole diaper. This puts an end to lawlaw, allowing babies to move with more freedom!

Dancing the song with a hundred moms and babies during the event, Toni and Baby Seve show how comfortable it is for baby to move without a lawlaw diaper getting in the way.  

Share the Pampers Go Galaw dance with your friends to remind them of the importance of keeping lawlaw diapers at bay! Join the Pampers Go Galaw Challenge and post a video of your baby dancing to the Pampers Go Galaw song to win as much as Php 100,000 in cash. Visit the Pampers Facebook Page for more details.

Pampers Baby Dry is available in major supermarkets, groceries, and drug stores nationwide, as well as online on

Moms say goodbye to lawlaw and hello Go Galaw with the NEW Pampers Baby Dry! With the Goodbye Lawlaw Test, they were able to see how its Magic Gel Channels absorb and distribute wetness evenly throughout the diaper so babies can go galaw freely!

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