Friday, April 20, 2018

Top Winners of "Hope in 40 Seconds" Video Animations

"HOPELINE has been around for five years and everyday we receive numerous calls from people undergoing emotional crisis. In some cases, it's a friend or family member who reaches out to us. But we know there are many more individuals out there who are silently suffering from depression and other related mental illnesses. We hope the new video animations would help those who are experiencing mental health problems or already have such conditions by encouraging them to seek proper intervention." ~Jen Goulbourn, President of the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation

Now in its third year, the contest aims to pick three new 40-seconds video animations that would convey the advocacy of stakeholders in promoting mental health awareness among Filipinos.

Locally, it is estimated that about 3.3 million Filipinos are living with depression. One-third of those experiencing depression will not even be aware that they suffer from the condition. Only one out of three individuals who suffer depression will seek the help of a specialist.

According to the Health Organization (WHO), the incidence of suicide is likely to be underreported, especially in a Catholic country like the Philippines where committing suicide is considered taboo, and families are reluctant to report them.
"Globe actively reaches out to vulnerable sectors of society particularly the youth, to protect them against all forms of bullying, psychological stress, and trauma. And as a company driven by purpose to transform the Philippines into a digital nation, we are tapping technology to extend assistance to more people in need." ~Yoly Crisanto, Globe SVP for Corporate Communications
Globe Telecom, in partnership with Natasha Gouldbourn Foundation and the De La Salle College of Saint Benilde with support from the Department of Health - National Center of Mental Health (NCMH), awarded the Top Three winners of the "Hope in 40 Seconds" video animation contest.

Globe has successfully provided technological support through the 24/7 HOPELINE 2919 (toll-free for Globe and TM) and 0917558-HOPE (4673) since 2012 in line with Department of Health's (DOH) campaign to promote mental health awareness in the Philippines. To date, a total of 14,542 calls have been received. Most of the calls were about possible depression, suicidal thoughts, and relationship problems. Goulborn hopes that the campaign would widen their reach with the new video animations that they are about to announce.

The five finalist chosen for the "Hope in 40 Seconds"  competition this year are:

"Black White Red"
by Ma. Isabelle Parca and Alyssa Marie Misa

"Out of Reach"
(Viewers Choice) by Maria Marquiala Pellejo and Ralph Reyes

"Hope in your Hands"
by Nia Colinayo, Jade Velasquez, Bradd Maesa, Gray Santos, and Angelo Sarmiento

"Light Beyond Shadows"
by Rex Lynnus Sueno, Elisha Zapata, and Khalil Albuainain


by Aleks Elizabeth Dolor Isla and Erika Marquez

Goulbourn gathered from 2005-2015 worldwide revealed that more than 300 million people are battling depression, which is the leading cause of ill health and disability. Those most vulnerable to such conditions are individuals between 15 and 29 years old. Significantly, suicide is the second leading cause of death for this age group.

For more information, contact Ms. Yoly C. Crisanto, Head, Corporate Communications Globe Telecom, Inc., Email address

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