Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Live A.I.D.S. 32 The UP SAMASKOM Press Conference

"Live AIDS made me the woman that I am today. As an artist and an entrepreneur, this show paved my way to ahieve all my accomplishments to date. " ~Tuesday Vargas, An Alumnus of the Organization and a Veteran Performer of the Show

From the successful Live AIDS 31: HaLOLan, the U.P. SAMASKOM company members are back again for a brand new season of non-stop laughter. What started as a mere applicants batch project back in 1985 is now one of the most awaited events in the Diliman republic.

Each year, Live AIDS has never failed to surpass the previous record number of fans who trooped to its staging venues on all performances.

Known personalities who watch Live AIDS such as Bianca Gonzales, Ricky Lee, Quark Henares, John Lapus, Rajo Laurel, Jigs Mayuga, Tim Yap and Vice Ganda garnered fanatics and avid viewers, it is the show which gave rise to the career of comedy stars Giselle Sanchez, Ate Glow, Michelle O' Bombshell, Tuesday Vargas and KaladKaren.

"This show bolster one's talent, skills, and self-confidence. It's evident in our alumni members." ~KaladKaren Davilla

As home to talented and diverse individuals from all walks of the university who have a passion for creativity and self-expression, Live AIDS has continuously lived on with its magic that fuels it: the collaboration between the members of UP SAMASKOM, student and alumni alike. This Camaraderie and the trust that have formed within the "samahan" is what makes the magic of the show happen.

With Live AIDS being a parody of our current experiences, it tackles the present, the new, the trending, and the viral, by fusing comedy with the hard-hitting realities of this twisted socio-political sphere in the country.  The show gets inspiration from these daily phenomena and aims to provide a different taje, by providing a night filled with fun, spectacle, and entertainment you will never forget.

As a venue for UP SAMASKOM members to enhance their wit, creativity and leadership potentials, Live AIDS is a playground for members to get invaluable orientation in the different fields of media. As such, this installment, a commentary on the Philippine society and on the experiences and travails that the Filipinos face, that features trending topics and viral content, will transcend not only to its avid audience, but even to its first time viewers.

"There is pressure to outdo ourselves every year. It is terrifying but it is a welcome challenge we take on. UP SAMASKOM is very passionate in creating a show that speaks out and entertains at the same time." ~Bill Barrinuevo, One of four young directors of this year's installment of Live AIDS
"While our current socio-political sphere is twisted, we make it more absurd with SAMASKOM's comedic approach." ~Tero Diaz, Musical Researcher, Live AIDS 27.1
Live AIDS 32 is slated on
April 16, 20, 21, and 22, 2018.

"The show will transcend not only to its avid viewers, but also to first time viewers." ~Arvin Carlo Sicat, Junior Writer, Live AIDS XXX

Promising yo make audiences laugh like never before, LIVE AIDS 32:ANG ISTORYANG DINIBELOP NG SAMASKOM is an event not to be missed.

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UP SAMAHAN NG MGA MAG-AARAL SA KOMUNIKASYON is a university-wide organization based in the College of Masa Communication. It is home to media personalities and industry heads Laurenti Dyogi, Tuesday Vargas, Kuya Kim Atienza, Tina Panganiban Perez, Giselle Sanchez, Ate Glow, Raul Castro, Peter Acuna, RS Francisco, KaladKaren Davila, among many others who first honed their showmanship and comedic skills in the LONGEST RUNNING COMEDY SHIW IN THE COUNTRY - LUVE AIDS.

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