Thursday, October 20, 2022

I Miss calling someone.....❝M A M A❞

Its been 17 years now since you've left us. The way you were taken away from us left a deep pain into our hearts. Mother's Day and your birthday reminds us of your presence because we used to dine out. I Miss You. Many people never had a chance to see you as a caring, sweet person with a huge sense of humor, but we were lucky to see you as that kind of a mother.

But life was not good to us you were taken away from us and I do not need a reason to be angry with God.

If I have done anything in life worth attention, I feel sure that I inherited the disposition from you Ma. Not all superheroes wear capes... If you were only still here. How heavy loads of life can be easier to carry when you're still here with us.

We, your daughters, will always be reminded of your caring, sweet and tough soul – your bravery and love that took out the best in us as who we are now. People may not have seen you as the perfect mother, but for us, you're our HERO AND THE BEST MOTHER that a daughter could ever have.

Yes I sometimes still wish i could take back the times when you're still around. I think I fell like I might be OK now. During the early years of your death, laughter may not come easy. But now whenever I think of you all i do is smile with a happy thoughts on how i wish you were with me attending events, getting pampered, shopping, watching movies and best of all have some mother-and-daughter-moment with a cup of coffee. I am now in the state of acceptance. 

Everything that we are right now with the simple blessings I know it's the risk of sacrificing your life so early that God wants you to be with him in Heaven...  We miss you so much, but somehow we know that you're now up there with God, beyond pain and heartaches.

Mama, I still keep those words you wished for before you were hospitalized of having a family reunion, i always make sure we do have time of being all together in a simple ways of staying in a hotel or going somewhere and even simply dining out.

THANK YOU for taking good care of us, it feels bad I wont be able to take good care of you anymore. You have touched so many lives, we're proud to know that you've been a friend to many people you've met along your journey here on earth.

Sayang hindi mo rin naexperience maging Lola o kumarga ng mga gwapo mong apo pero alam ko there are times you're playing with them and making them smile...

It has been 17 years Mama and it still feels like just yesterday. You're just like the wind at times i can feel the warmth of your presence and i can feel you whenever i needed you even if I can't see you! I'm ok, were ok, your ok.... See you again with your warmth smile and embrace, but please not too soon...

❝Just like the wind, we cant see you but we feel you.❞

I'm confident 'coz I know You will always be the wind beneath our wings. 

I Miss calling someone.....❝M A M A❞

I Love You Mama.

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