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Hanabishi and GMA Kapuso Foundation Continue Transformative Partnerships for Local Schools

"The partnership started over 10 years ago. GMA Kapuso Foundation was looking for a reliable appliance partner, one of the biggest brands in home appliances has always been Hanabishi. We were looking to make our classrooms more comfortable for students all over the country." ~Rikki Escudero-Catibog, GMAKF Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
(L-R) Ms. Candice Ang, VP for Operations (Hanabishi); Mr. Jasper Ong, President (Hanabishi); Ms. Rikki Escudero - Catibog, EVP and COO (GMA Kapuso Foundation); Ms. Cherish Chua, VP for Finance and Marketing (Hanabishi); and Mr. Jevon Ong, VP for Purchasing (Hanabishi). 

Hanabishi Appliances and the GMA Kapuso Foundation (GMAKF). For more than a decade, both organizations have worked together to support local schools and communities throughout the Philippines.

As one of the country's leading home appliance brands, Hanabishi will continue to provide vital support to GMAKF's initiatives to improve the quality of life for the target beneficiaries. 

Hanabishi Appliances' long-standing partnership with the GMA Kapuso Foundation (GMAKF) continues to provide hope and essential comforts to local communities. For more than a decade, these two organizations have collaborated to drive positive change and empowerment.

GMAKF Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Rikki Escudero-Catibog shares a compelling vision of a future where beneficiaries not only receive vital support but also find empowerment within their communities. Through targeted initiatives such as supporting sampaguita sellers and broom makers in Tarlac, GMAKF demonstrates a steadfast commitment to providing holistic assistance, encompassing health benefits and support for small businesses. The integration of Hanabishi products like air fryers with steamers into these endeavors promises to elevate the quality of life for beneficiaries, addressing practical challenges they face daily.

Escudero-Catibog emphasizes the significance of integrating Hanabishi appliances into GMAKF schools across the province of Benguet and beyond. As schools eagerly anticipate completion, Hanabishi's contributions ensure that students' learning environments are conducive to productivity and comfort. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to nurturing the next generation and fostering positive change within communities.

Hanabishi President Jasper Ong expresses heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to support GMAKF's endeavors. He reaffirms Hanabishi's mission to be a staple in Filipino homes and extends this vision to encompass GMAKF schools, aligning with the shared goal of making a meaningful difference in the lives of Filipinos.

"We would like to thank the GMA Kapuso Foundation for the opportunity for Hanabishi to be able to contribute where our products can be of help to the community. It's our mission to have a Hanabishi in every Filipino home." ~Jasper Ong, Hanabishi President

Ms. Escudero-Catibog further acknowledges the enduring nature of the partnership, originally initiated by veteran news anchor and GMAKF ambassador Mel Tiangco. As Hanabishi approaches its 40th anniversary, the GMAKF family extends warm congratulations and gratitude for the unwavering support over the years. Looking ahead, GMAKF anticipates even more innovative collaborations that will help benefit more schools and households in the country.

Both Hanabishi and GMAKF hold the promise of tangible benefits for communities in need. From providing essential comforts in schools to supporting needy beneficiaries in their struggle for economic improvement, this partnership exemplifies a shared commitment to making a lasting impact on Filipino lives. 

(L-R) Ms. Cherish Chua, VP for Finance and Marketing (Hanabishi); Ms. Candice Ang, VP for Operations (Hanabishi); Mr. Jasper Ong, President (Hanabishi); Ms. Rikki Escudero - Catibog, EVP and COO (GMA Kapuso Foundation); and Mr. Jevon Ong, VP for Purchasing (Hanabishi). 

Together with Ong and Escudero-Catibog during the signing of the new Memorandum of Agreement were key representatives from both Hanabishi and GMAKF, including Candice Ang, VP for Operations (Hanabishi), Cherish Chua, VP for Finance and Marketing (Hanabishi), and Jevon Ong, VP for Purchasing (Hanabishi).

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