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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Malayan Science more than ready for remote learning

“Malayan Science considers the threat of COVID-19 crisis as a big disruption to education. This presents challenges on the delivery of knowledge and enhancement of skills. Nonetheless, Malayan Science will continue its goal of educating great young minds through flexible learning.” ~Emmillie Joy B. Mejia, Principal
Malayan High School of Science

Malayan High School of Science has introduced a shelf full of flexible learning measures to help students under the new normal. These are the structure, flexibility, balance, safety and security, collaboration and support, and relevance.

In its commitment to provide quality education, Malayan Science has taken six key measures to further ensure its programs are remote-learning ready. 

Malayan Science’s remote learning structure features the implementation of strategic schedules for classes, both for asynchronous and synchronous learning, taking into account each section and grade level.

Synchronous learning entails live online sessions of students’ classes, while asynchronous learning is the provision of learning and lesson materials to students offline, which they must accomplish at their own pace.

However, not only focusing on academics, Malayan Science ensures its students’ holistic development. It continuously promotes school-life balance by encouraging its students to engage in growth experiences, health and recreation programs, and other interest-based extracurricular activities through the various school clubs even in a remote learning set-up.

Students’ safety and security are of utmost importance to the school, giving focus, and making efforts to uphold its data privacy policy and child protection measures. Malayan Science strictly complies with age requirements and ensures the appropriateness of online applications used by students.

Collaboration and support are upheld by Malayan Science since it provides synchronous sessions for students to enable them to work together with their peers. It employs nearly 30 educational software applications, accessible on its very own learning management system Cardinal EDGE, to help guide learners and address their different needs.

To ensure flexibility, academic policies are upheld by Malayan Science with its student handbook adjusted to fit the needs of synchronous and asynchronous learning. This also means the modification of the assessment and grading of students’ written works and performance tasks with deadlines being negotiable within reasonable parameters.

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