Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Enchanted Kingdoms 27 Years of Magical Experiences with New Attractions and Activities

"COME and rekindle the magic!" ~Dr. Cynthia Romero Mamon, PH.D, Enchanted Kingdom, Chief Operating Officer

With 27 years of enchanting experience, EK is ready to make everyone feel magical again. Experience magic, experience excitement, and enjoy memories at the only world-class theme park in the Philippines.

No other better way to celebrate Enchanted Kingdom's 27th Years Anniversary in bringing magical moments to all who experienced all the fun memories than with a lot of new attractions, activities and something to look forward for is building a hotel within 3-5 years that is indeed double the fun.

Here are the new attractions and activities to look forward at Enchanted Kingdom Philippines’ one and only world-class theme park:

Enchanted Kingdom Opens Gate to Alcatraz

Halloween is in the air, and Enchanted Kingdom is riding the spooky season high. After years of successful Halloween surprises, a new attraction awaits EK’s thrill-seeker patrons. On October 15, 2022, Alcatraz will have its grand opening and will be available to all park guests soon.

Alcatraz produced by Recreation Concepts is taking the haunt experience to the next level with its state-of-the-art set design and spine-chilling characters. To make the experience close to reality, guests will have their mugshot taken first right after they enter. From there, they must find their way out of the ominous maximum-security prison and come face-to-face with rioting inmates and deranged criminals.

For P270 (per guest), discover the secrets and terror within Alcatraz with your family and friends. Step into the gates of this vicious nightmare located beside the Rio Grande Rapids at Portabello Zone. 

Rekindle the Magic at EK’s 27th Anniversary Concert

Enjoy a spectacular anniversary concert this October 15, 2022, with Filiipino alternative rock band, Bamboo. Their hit songs “Hallellujah”, “Noypi”, “Tatsulok”, and many more have shaped most of Filipinos childhood making them one of the most influential artists in the local music industry. There will also be special performances by EK's homegrown artists: Victoria's Way, The Kingsmen, and SMS.

In collaboration with long-time partner One Platinum Fireworks, EK will pay a special tribute to Ricardo Sta. Ana Sr. aka Tatay Rick and the late Maria Victoria Faustino aka Ma’am Babic through a Grand Sky Wizardry fireworks display.

Tatay Rick, the late Director for Operations of One Platinum Fireworks, Inc. has illuminated EK's starry skies with their glorious fireworks display since 1996. While Ma’am Babic produced many outstanding musical shows as the former Head of EK's Creative Division. Her involvement in the creative and artistic process of Enchanted Kingdom Inc. is one of her legacies everyone will remember. Their passion and love for their craft have made EK what it is today.

SMS Lights Up P-Pop Day at EK

Other than the thrilling rides and exciting attractions, Enchanted Kingdom is also home to quality-produced musical shows and talented homegrown artists. After the success of Victoria’s Way and The Kingsmen, EK is launching its newest P-Pop group at P-Pop Day at EK, a pre-anniversary concert on October 09, 2022.

SMS (Sun, Moon, Stars) is an all-girl group of five young stars with powerful vocals and captivating moves. Watch Alyanna, Zyrene, Joy, Nina, and Selena as they conquer the stage along with up-and-coming groups at the P-Pop scene: BGYO, Alamat, 1st.One and Dione.

SMS will also make their first live performance with their debut single, “EK High! Dance Like Me”, composed and written by EK’s Musical Director, Tats Faustino.

For more information on promos and ticket reservations and bookings, please visit Enchanted Kingdom’s official website www.enchantedkingdom.ph, Online store https://shop.enchantedkingdom.ph/  or official Facebook page www.facebook.com/enchantedkingdom.ph.

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