Thursday, October 13, 2022

Mrs. Garcia's Meatshop continues its legacy while continuing to serve its customers

“Every home has grown to love Mrs. Garcia’s Meats as their companion in making every mealtime special. So, we are excited to announce that we finally opened the first-ever Mrs. Garcia’s Meatshop this October 11, 2022, allowing more families to enjoy that extra special dining experience at home. As we open our new Community Store, located at Platinum Business Center, #188 Congressional Ave., Quezon City, we are eager to provide fresh, affordable, safe, and high-quality meat products to all Filipinos. The last few years have seen tremendous growth for Mrs. Garcia’s Meats. In many supermarket chains and eateries, people have come to trust our brand. As the core of MEATWORLD International Inc., Mrs. Garcia’s Meats has also hired a rising 1,500 butchers and merchandisers. By providing a franchise option to our customers, mompreneurs, and every Filipino looking for business prospects, we hope to spread the word about these success stories.” ~Bernadette Lee, Mrs. Garcia’s Meats Chief Operating Officer

For over 25 years, Mrs. Garcia's Meats has delighted consumers who expect fresh, affordable, safe, quality meat products and excellent service.

Mrs. Garcia’s Meats by MEATWORLD International, Inc. was founded in 1996. Since then, it has been helping ensure that fresh, affordable, safe, and high-quality meat products are available for every family and their recipes as it offers a wide choice of meat categories and cuts. 

From opening new stores in major supermarkets to 24/7 access to convenience stores such as Shell Select and 7-Eleven, Mrs. Garcia's Meats continues its legacy while continuing to serve its customers and modern customers. 

Filipinos have adopted the practice of offering warm affection and excellent food to gather and reunite with friends and loved ones

The store will serve a variety of:
  • Premium Pork
  • Beef
  • Korean, and Japanese Cuts including: 
   Short Ribs
   Lean Ground Pork 
   Japanese Shabu-Shabu 
   Beef Yakiniku 
   Beef Woo Samgyeop 
   Korean Pork Steak Bulgogi 
   Pork Samgyeopsal

All customers can also order in advance before picking up their items in Mrs. Garcia’s Meatshop through its Pick-A-Meat ExpressThis service offering allows customers to order via phone call before picking up the items. All they need to do is to drop by the parking space in front of the store, where friendly staff members are ready to hand them the meat products or help load the items directly into their car.  

Meanwhile, as a way of marking this milestone, Mrs. Garcia’s Meatshop will now be open for franchising to provide Filipinos with business and investment options. 

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