Saturday, October 29, 2022

Achieve your best brows ever with Careline Fiber Brow

Careline Fiber Brow

We all know that kilay is life! But we also know that it usually takes a lot of time and effort to achieve gorgeous, fuller-looking eyebrows, not to mention the money we usually spend on multiple products to get that enviable eyebrow look.

Not to worry! To help you pull off fuller eyebrows, Careline Cosmetics offers a quick and easy guide to get that amazing brow look.

Choose the product that works for you.   Sometimes, all it takes is one great product to achieve gorgeous eyebrows. Luckily, Careline Cosmetics offers Fiber Brow, a brow mascara infused with microfibers that are designed to fill in the sparse parts of the eyebrows to make them look fuller and natural. Aside from the infusion of microfibers, Fiber Brow is specially formulated with a buildable pigment and long-wearing formula. It’s also enriched with hyaluronic acid to boost the growth of your eyebrow hairs, and glycerin to keep them healthy and hydrated.

With eyebrow products, it’s also important to choose the right color. Fiber Brow comes in two colors: soft brown and ash brown. Ash brown is best for black, gray, and dark-colored hair while soft brown is recommended for brown, blonde, and light-colored hair. Makeup experts also recommend mixing colors if you need to get a closer match to your eyebrow hair, and for the affordable price of P195, you can get both shades if you need to. All in the name of beauty!

Be sure to follow the correct technique. Just as important as the eyebrow product is your makeup technique, especially if you want your brows to look natural. Apply the Fiber Brow following the direction of your hair. If you want more coverage and volume, swipe it against your hair’s opposite direction first, then in the natural direction. Either way, it’s best to use small, hair-like flicking motions to apply eyebrow products. Avoid single and long strokes when applying brow makeup.

Blend well. For a perfect finish, don’t forget to blend well. Brush your eyebrows with a spoolie, or spread the mascara with an angled brush. For added convenience, Fiber Brow’s applicator is a spoolie brush that can help blend the product.

Whether you’re a brow makeup expert or a beginner, Careline Fiber Brow can elevate your look while simplifying your brow beauty regimen, making it quick, easy, and affordable.

Careline Fiber Brow is available at Watsons, The SM Store - Beauty Section, Robinsons Department Store - Beauty Section, Puregold, and other retail stores nationwide. It’s also available online at Shopee ( and Lazada  (

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